Joe Rocket Velocity Jacket for Women - 2016 ::

Joe Rocket Velocity Jacket for Women - 2016

  • Cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell torso, back & arms
  • Rock Tex™ reinforced at the shoulders, ribs, elbows, and forearms
  • Removable waterproof full sleeve liner
  • Contoured armor at the shoulders and elbows
  • Removable Dual Density spine pad
  • 6-point SureFit™ custom adjustment system
  • 2 outside pockets, 1 inside pocket
  • Reflective stripes and logos

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Sizing Information

Joe Rocket jackets for women have a very consistent fit from one model to the next, so if you have any experience trying on one of their jackets, you’ll have a good idea of fit. For our usual Fit Check routine, we tried a Small jacket on Laverne and a Large jacket on Shirley and both fit very well. We recommend that you use Joe Rocket’s Size Chart to choose a size for you based upon your measurements.

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Our Two Cents

The 2016 Velocity mesh jacket for women is a full mesh jacket for hot weather use. The overall theme is “simple” with just the essentials in a good sport or touring mesh style. The shell is almost fully mesh material with some extra solid textile overlays on the shoulders to beef up the impact and abrasion protection a bit. The jacket comes complete with armor in the shoulders, elbows and back.

With a full mesh shell like this, you’ll enjoy wearing the jacket on the hottest days. Like most other mesh jacket designs, it also comes with a removable waterproof/windproof liner. The liner is not so much for use in the rain (although you might find it useful for the occasional shower), but rather it’s mainly useful on cool mornings where you might be chilled with just the mesh jacket. The liner will provide a windproof layer to cut the chill. Then when temperatures heat up, just remove the liner and continue enjoying your day. This jacket will be great for mild to hot weather conditions.

We’ve got a good group of pictures that show the other various features such as pockets, the sleeve adjusters, nighttime reflectives, etc. Overall a really nice jacket with the basic features and a great price. :: Paul, 03-22-16