REVIT Luna Pants For Women ::

REVIT Luna Pants For Women

  • Cowhide
  • PWR|shell stretch
  • Wax polyester 600D
  • SEESMART CE-level 1 protection
  • 49% Leather, 39% Polyamide, 12% Polyester
  • Tour Fit
  • Adjustment straps
  • Hook-and-snap front closure
  • Stretch lips
  • Stretch panels
  • Adjustable protector pockets
  • Calf zippers
  • Short and long connection zipper

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

Please refer to the standard size chart below for ladies REVIT pants. We checked a size 40 in our showroom and found the waist to measure out at about 32” which is a little larger than the chart would suggest, but these are pretty low waist pants, so perhaps they are a bit bigger at the waistband to accommodate a bit larger size down the hip. On each side of the waistband are Velcro straps for adjustment. There is approximately one or two inches of adjustability both larger and smaller from the neutral position.

The inseam on the 40 regular measures about 29” which matches the measurement in REVIT’s chart. The end of the leg on these pants is zippered and tapered close to the ankle with the idea you’d wear them either tucked in sport boots or would wear them with riding shoes. They aren’t large enough to wear over the tops of boots.

Women’s REVIT size chart for pants and trousers:
Note: This chart is generic and may show size choices not available for this product. Please refer to the drop-down menu on this product page for size availability

Size Waist Hips Inseam
34 25-26 35 28 - -
36 26-27 36-37 28 26 -
38 28-29 37-38 28 27 30
40 29-30 39 29 27 30
42 31-31 40-41 29 28 31
44 32-34 41-42 30 28 -
46 34-35 42-43 30 - -

Our Two Cents

The Luna jacket and pants by REVIT have a great look and are made of high quality leather and textiles. The fit is tailored for women for a great look and great fit.

I’m reviewing both the Luna jacket and pants at the same time today. To have a look at the jacket, please take the link below. We don’t often get a full riding suit tailored for women. We’ve sold lots of sport jackets in the past that were similar but none with this level of tailoring and finer materials.

The primary material used in both the jacket and pants is a thinner and very soft cowhide. And the leather is liberally mixed with stretch materials in the both the jacket and the pants. In the jacket, there are LARGE textile accordion expansion panels downs the sides of the torso as well as above the elbows on the sleeves. And then there are stretch fabric panels on the insides of the arms too. And the pants have the same textile materials in the crotch and inside thigh areas, which is typical in sport riding pants to give a trim fit, but also enough room for movement on the bike.

The shoulders, elbows, knees and hips are all fitted with REVIT’s SeeSmart CE Level 1 armor which is low profile and flexible. I think the level 1 armor is very appropriate for women’s gear. Level 2 armor is found in many of REVIT’s jackets and pants but its comparatively thicker and heavier and its harder to stylistically incorporate into women’s gear, particularly trim cut gear like this, so the level 1 work well here.

The jacket and pants zip together at the waist to make a fitted 2pc suit. If you want to wear the jacket without the matching pants, like with your own jeans, then there are a couple snap loops in the back of the jacket to make an attachment to your belt.

I really like the styling details on the jackets. The shoulder area has some nice quilting for style. The jacket is cut with princess seams for a nice fit. There are two hand-warmer pockets on the front which have a flap over the zippers to hide them when not in use. Also notice the long vertical strip on the bike. That is one long reflective strip that is the darkened kind of reflective that blends into the black leather look of the jacket.

Climate-wise, I’d recommend this jacket and pants for colder to warm times of the year. The jacket has a removable thermal liner for some extra warmth in the winter, but there aren’t any provisions for venting, and being black leather, I don’t think you could be comfortable in hot summer weather. Fall and spring months would be ideal. :: Paul, 03-04-19

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