TCX Ikasu WP Shoes for Women ::

TCX Ikasu WP Shoes for Women

  • T-Dry waterproof membrane
  • Front closure with elastic zip
  • Ortholite footbed with long term cushioning and high level of breathability
  • Reflective inserts for high visibility
  • Midsole with ZPLATE® shank, to optimize front flexibility and transverse rigidity
  • Wear-resistant rubber Groundtrax® outsole, designed to offer a superior stability
  • Upper in reflective mesh fabric and suede leather
  • Reinforcements on toe and heel
  • D3O ankle reinforcements

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Sizing Information

We find TCX boots to be very consistent in fit from one model to the next. We checked this boot and it too is consistent with other models. To choose a size, please click here to see the TCX size chart. The general width of TCX is “medium” or D to E. To compare to other brands you may have experience with, I’d say the overall fit is somewhere between a Sidi boot which is generally a bit more narrow and an Alpinestars boot which has a more generous width.

Our Two Cents

The TCX Ikasu shoes are a new option since we last carried TCX Boots.

The TCX Ikasu comes in 3 styles, Ikasu WP, Ikasu WP for Women, and Ikasu Air. The Ikasu WP variants use a T-Dry liner for waterproofing while the Ikasu Air has a suede leather and mesh upper for airflow.

Otherwise, these boots are functionally identical. Each has a thin D3O armor in the ankle, a reinforced toe, and a heel counter. The toe and heel counter are just stiff enough to perform without hindering movement or comfort. The ZPLATE® shank offers reinforcement through the midsole but keeps the toe box flexible so these boots are comfortable on the bike and off. The wear-resistant rubber Groundtrax® outsole has a honeycomb like pattern and should offer good grip on and off the bike.

The closure on these shoes is certainly unique. There are laces running down the sides, but they are dummied at each end, so the tension is pre-set on them. The tongue is covered by a zipped elastic closure, so you unzip and slide in, then zip it up. This seems to work well but I could see a scenario where the elastic eventually becomes worn out and doesn’t hold the shoes as snug as when new, but I guess that’s miles down the road when they’ve probably used up their useful life anyway.

The biggest call out on these shoes is the reflective inserts. Basically, the entire side of the shoe is reflective. It is subtle and at most angles, the shoes appear black or grey depending on the style you have, but when light hits the panels they are BRIGHT and you should be very visible in them. Check out our additional photos to see this in action.

These shoes are a great option for a commuter or urban rider that wants a sporty style that doesn’t look distinctly “motorcycle-y”. A commuter would be comfortable all day in the office in these thanks to the Ortholite footbeds, D3O ankle armor, and shank design. : Mike, 01-30-22

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