Joe Rocket Rebellion Boots ::

Joe Rocket Rebellion Boots For Women

  • Premium, full grain, matte finish leather construction
  • Triple top stitching in all key stress areas
  • Full-length, antique finished YKK side zipper entry
  • Molded polymeric ankle protection
  • Padded ankle cuff
  • Leather reinforced shifter zone
  • Non-slip sole design
  • Removable insole
  • Subtle embroidered branding

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Sizing Information

The ladies in our office tried on these boots and thought they fit appropriately, so choose the size you normally wear in women’s shoes.

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Our Two Cents

The ladies Rebellion boots are a hiker style. The toe area is well reinforced to hold up to shifting and to provide some protection. The heel area is well reinforced as well. The soles will add a bit of height for you and will be very non-slip.

The boots are a simple lace-style closure, but they also have a side zipper so you don’t have to tie and untie the laces every time you put them on. Be sure and secure your laces well to prevent them from getting tangled on something.

The overall quality of the boots is “average”, and certainly in line with the very reasonable price. If you are in the market for a boot with higher build quality, you should look at the unisex (European sized) boots by TCX and Sidi. But many riders are “occasional” and these boots will work just fine. :: Paul, 08-13-15