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Spidi Voyager Evo H2Out Jacket

  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable H2Out garment
  • Fixed mesh lining
  • Removable lining with wadding 100 gr.
  • Removable 2°layer H2Out lining
  • Optional MAX LINER Plus insulating jacket L63 man
  • Integrated adjustment system ERGOFIT SYSTEM
  • Adjustable waist fastening
  • Straps to adjust and fasten CE protectors
  • Adjustable drawstring tightening
  • High tenacity polyester fabric
  • Reflex zones for night-riding
  • 3M Scotchlite – the best reflective material
  • Punched mesh fabric
  • Step in Clothing: layered clothing system
  • Vents
  • Zip fastener to join jacket/trousers
  • 3 jackets in 1: outer layer, H2Out membrane and quilted lining
  • Average weight 2,0 Kg
  • Resealable vented panels
  • CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the EU/89/686/ECC Directive.
  • PPE protective apparel for motorcycle use – Pr En 17092-4:2017 Class A certified
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lev. 1 Z53
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54
  • Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 shoulder and elbows protectors
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lel. 2 Z147
  • Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector Z172

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Sizing Information

This jacket is sold in “alpha” sizes (Small, Med, Large, etc). Generally speaking, the sizing of Spidi jacket run about one size smaller than normal US men’s alpha sizing. We’ve confirmed the smaller sizing through measurements and by trying them on our /info_pages/motorcycle_gear_fit_check.html. Spidi’s standard sizing chart for men confirms the smaller-than-normal fit. Our basic advice is to buy one size larger than you normally wear in men’s clothing.

To help you confirm the size you need in this jacket, I’ve put together the sizing chart below. You’ll want to measure yourself with a tape around both your chest and belly and choose a size using the chart. We’ve included a waist/belly measurement so you can make sure you are buying a jacket that is large enough for both your chest and belly.

The mid-section of this jacket isn’t cut as trim as a more sporty style jacket, and it has a very effective size adjustment setup through the belly and waist, so as long as the jacket’s max belly measurement is big enough for you, you should be able to find a fit even if you are much trimmer than the max belly size.

Jacket Size Max Chest Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
Small 38 37
Medium 40 39
Large 42 41
XL 44 43
XXL 46 44
XXXL 48 46
XXXXL 50 48

Note: If you plan on adding a back protector to this jacket, add 1” to your chest and belly measurements before using the size chart.

For reference, you can also have a look at Spidi’s standard sizing chart which includes similar chest size estimates along with recommended heights for each jacket size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Spidi Voyager Evo H2Out Jacket is new for 2020. It is a full featured 3/4 style for touring or commuting. It comes with shoulder and elbow armor and also includes a removable thermal liner as well as a removable rain liner.

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the Outlander H2Out jacket which is functionally similar to this Voyager Evo H2Out jacket, but this jacket is more affordable because it is made with a removable waterproof liner where the Outlander has a “bonded” waterproof shell construction. I talked some about the advantages of the bonded waterproofing in that review so take a look if you are interested. This jacket’s waterproofing scheme is a lower cost setup where the jacket is supplied with a completely separate and removable waterproof jacket that snaps inside. This setup is much more common… I’d say 75% of waterproof jackets are set up like this. One thing I like about this particular waterproof liner is that it is tailored such that, when removed from the jacket, it can be worn separately as a “destination liner”. This can be very handy when you are traveling with limited storage. You can wear the liner on cool evenings at your destination without packing extra garments.

For colder weather, the jacket also comes with a removable full sleeve thermal liner. The jacket comes with both liners installed… the waterproof liner inside the jacket shell and the thermal liner inside the waterproof liner. But there is a lot of flexibility here. Consider that you can wear the thermal liner along with the waterproof liner off the bike as mentioned. In dry and cooler weather, you can install the thermal liner directly inside the jacket without the waterproof liner. There are lots of options with the two liners to get the weather protection you need.

In warm weather, the jacket can be used without either liner and in that case, you’d open up the two front vents which will allow a lot of airflow through. I wouldn’t call this a full four season style though since those two front vents are it… there are no armpit, sleeve vents, etc. But even still, this setup will work for all but the hottest weeks of the year.

Armor is included for this jacket in the shoulders and elbows. It is Spidi’s standard CE 1 molded armor which is nothing premium, but perfectly capable and appropriate for a street touring jacket like this. The jacket is fitted with a pocket and Velcro to mount one of Spidi’s optional back protectors. I’ve listed the options below, and if you click through to any of those back protectors, there is a pretty good discussion of the similarities and differences between them to help you decide which one you want.

Other nice features are night time reflectives, arm, and torso size adjusters, and a connection zipper for pants. Speaking of which, take the link below to have a look at the Voyager H2Out pants. I like this style from Spidi for much of the same reasons I like the Outlander jackets… it is simple and functional, well made and sharp. Consider this one to be the “economy” version of the two. :: Paul, 04-22-20

Spidi says: SPIDI Voyager EVO is the three-layer touring jacket suitable for motorcycle use in every season. Equipped with Step-In-Clothing technology and Forcetech EN1621-1 certified protectors on shoulders and elbows, it is certified prEN 17092: 2017 in Class A. The H2Out breathable waterproof membrane can be used independently and is equipped with an internal waterproof pocket. The 100gr thermal padding is removable.

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