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Spidi Netrunner H2Out Jackets

Spidi says: Spidi Netrunner is a new, technologically advanced design that was developed to offer excellent protection to motorcyclists operating in warm and tropical climates. Significant ventilation is offered by the large mesh panels on the mid chest, upper chest, arms and back, allowing air to flow directly to cool the rider without compromising on safety. The main chassis is a high-tenacity Extra Tenax triple twisted nylon 6.6 offering excellent abrasion and puncture resistance. The Netrunner jacket has CE certification to the Pr En 17092-3:2017 Class AA standard, and it comes with ForceTech removable protectors in the shoulders and elbows, that are CE certified to the EN 1621-1:2012 standard. The jacket also come with a waterproof H2Out liner that can be used either inside or outside, It has a water-repellent barrier at wrists and bottom to offer excellent water resistance even in the heaviest of downpours. Netrunner features an innovative waterproof membrane that can be worn inside the jacket during a light rain, or outside in case of thunderstorms. The membrane has adjustable “gaiters” to adapt for the InsideOUT use. There are 3M® Scotchlite® reflectors for excellent nighttime visibility and there’s a jacket-to-pant zipper connection for additional safety. In order to ensure that the jacket can be tailored to fit perfectly, it has the Spidi integrated adjustment Ergofit System, with an adjustable E.S.T. fastener on the collar. For those unexpected rain showers, there’s a waterproof outside pocket, offering double protection when you have the waterproof H2Out liner on the outside.

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Sizing Information

This jacket is sold in “alpha” sizes (Small, Med, Large, etc). Generally speaking, the sizing of Spidi jacket run about one size smaller than normal US men’s alpha sizing. We’ve confirmed the smaller sizing through measurements and by trying them on our /info_pages/motorcycle_gear_fit_check.html. Spidi’s standard sizing chart for men confirms the smaller-than-normal fit. Our basic advice is to buy one size larger than you normally wear in men’s clothing.

To help you confirm the size you need in this jacket, I’ve put together the sizing chart below. You’ll want to measure yourself with a tape around both your chest and belly and choose a size using the chart. We’ve included a waist/belly measurement so you can make sure you are buying a jacket that is large enough for both your chest and belly.

The mid-section of this jacket isn’t cut as trim as a more sporty style jacket, and it has a very effective size adjustment setup through the belly and waist, so as long as the jacket’s max belly measurement is big enough for you, you should be able to find a fit even if you are much trimmer than the max belly size.

Jacket Size Max Chest Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
Small 38 36
Medium 40 38
Large 42 40
XL 44 42
XXL 46 44
XXXL 48 45

Note: If you plan on adding a back protector to this jacket, add 1” to your chest and belly measurements before using the size chart. If you plan to add the Thermo Jacket Liner also add 1” to your chest and belly (or 2” if you plan on adding both).

For reference, you can also have a look at Spidi’s standard sizing chart which includes similar chest size estimates along with recommended heights for each jacket size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Netrunner H2Out jacket by Spidi is a very nice, all purpose riding jacket adaptable to very warm and/or wet conditions. Armor is included for the shoulders and elbows and back armor is optional.

I was struggling to know what style to call this jacket… a mesh or a textile style because it is a bit of both actually. Overall, I really like the setup here. We live in a climate where it can be both hot and cold and to find one jacket that could competently cope with both is a challenge, but this one seems to have the answer. First off, the shell is a combination of solid textile materials over about 50% of the surface area (including the areas that need the most impact protection like shoulders and elbows), and the rest is mesh material. So being about half mesh should make this jacket work well in summer months. But then there is the “inside out” liner. It’s simply a liner that is designed so you can wear it either under or over the jacket depending upon the conditions. Spidi advises to use the liner over the jacket in the worst rain, and then you can opt to use it under the jacket in lighter rain. And in my mind, I’d think the liner could also become a wind-block liner to help cope with cooler weather too. You’d have to experiment in your own environment to figure out how best to use the liner, but the options are many.

This jacket, being part mesh, probably won’t be the pick from Spidi’s lineup for cold weather, but in case you want to have some insulation under the jacket, please have a look at the options in the Accessory Jacket Liners dept. Spidi currently offers three thermal option that can be used under this jacket. One is very thick, another is lighter and a third is sleeveless. The jacket and “inside out” liner are set up to accept these option insulated options either inside the liner or inside the jacket… so with or without the liner. For cold AND wet weather, I can you wearing a thermal layer under the jacket and the rain liner over everything.

Armor is included for this jacket in the shoulders and elbows. It is a solid rubber compound which feels quite sturdy and appropriate for a style like this. The jacket is fitted with a pocket and Velcro to mount one of the optional back protectors. I’ve listed the options below, and if you click through to any of those back protectors, there is a pretty good discussion of the similarities and differences between them to help you decide which one you want.

One thing I really like about this jacket is the ability to adjust the fit. There are LOTS of straps on the arms and on the torso to really make this work. We’ve seen similar set-ups with REVIT which work nice too, but this really goes over the top. A longer body style like this works well with torso adjustment straps. Even if you are relatively thin and snug them down a lot, the jacket still looks and feels great.

I think the overall look of this jacket is really nice. The tailoring and materials are top notch. The overall style of the jacket is that of an adventure style but the overall length is just a little shorter than some of the more “hard core” adventure styles, which, in my mind, makes this jacket more useful for the everyday rider. :: Paul, 12-27-19

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