Roland Sands Design Truman Perforated Waxed Cotton Jacket ::

Roland Sands Design Truman Perforated Waxed Cotton Jacket (Large Only)

  • Genuine leather contrast detail
  • Zip front, pockets and cuffs
  • Zippered sleeve vents
  • Side adjustable waist tabs with metal buckle
  • Cool-Core mesh lining
  • Soft lined electronics security pocket
  • Stretch mesh cargo stuff pockets
  • Comes with CE-1 Knox™ armor, elbows and shoulders, with a back armor-ready protector pocket

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Sizing Information

This jacket is cut a bit more trim and fits more snugly than most casually styled jackets like this. We measured a selection of sizes and also tried these on our fit test mannequins. Huey is wearing a medium and Dewey is in the XL. These are the sizes they normally wear. The fit is trim but looks good.

I’d advise to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing if you are looking for the trim fit this jacket offers. If you prefer a more casual fit, or are between sizes, then you’ll want to choose a size larger. To make size selection easier, we’ve developed the chart below to help you choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements. If you have a bit of a belly, just make sure that the jacket you choose will be big enough for both your chest and belly.

The collar on this jacket is about twice as tall as the normal Mandarin style collar. You don’t have to fasten the collar buttons of course but if you plan to do so, then you’ll need a relative trim/tall neck to do so. This with a short and/or stout neck will have trouble with this.

Note: if you plan to add a back protector to this jacket, then add 1” to the chest/belly measurements before choosing a size.

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 38 36
Medium 40 38
Large 43 41
XL 46 44
XXL 48 46
XXXL 51 49

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Truman jacket is offered in two versions…. the Truman Perforated Waxed Cotton Jacket and the Truman Textile Jacket (which is made of non-perforated waxed cotton). So the main difference between the two is that one is a solid waxed cotton and the other is a perforated waxed cotton. The decision factor will be your climate. If you ride in mild to hot weather, the perf version would be best, but if you ride in cooler to warm weather, then the solid jacket would be the choice.

With regard to styling and functionality, the Truman is a bit of a mix of the similar Ronin and Duro. The Truman notably has leather overlays at the shoulders and elbow which add some style and also increase the ability to resist abrasion in case of a fall. And speaking of fall… the perforated jacket includes shoulder and elbow armor inserts. The solid textile jacket has pockets for the armor and the armor can be bought separately. Both versions have a pocket for an optional back pad (see those links below). There is a price difference in the two versions, but the price difference in the two is basically the price of the armor which comes standard in the perf version.

Personally I think both jackets are pretty sharp and a lighter weight alternative to leather, but with some of the style you get with leather. I especially think the “Ranger” color in both versions is sharp because the lighter color better shows some of the texture of the materials. But some like to be more stealth which is perfectly understandable. From either product page, take the links at the bottom of the page to view the other version. :: Paul, 04-09-18

Roland Sands says: Classic waxed cotton enduro jacket with leather accents. Constructed from RSD waxed cotton and RSD “Dakota” cowhide leather (.9 – 1.1mm). RSD waxed cotton is water-repellant and breathable with an 11.5 oz. finished weight. Strategic perforated panels for warm weather riding comfort and protection. Classic riding fit with rotated, pre-curved sleeves, dropped back length and relaxed collar.

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