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Oxford Mondial Jackets (M, XL, Or 4XL Only)

Beat The Cold
  • WarmDry™ thermal Tech
  • Removable Thermal Insulation
Manage The Heat
  • Dry2Dry™ Breathable Membrane
  • Zip Open Ventilation
  • Mesh Ventilation
  • Direct Ventilation
Control The Wet
  • Dry2Dry™ Waterproof Tech
  • Water-resistant zips
Trust The Protection
  • CE Protectors
  • Reflective Printing
  • Back Protector Pocket
  • Nylon Outer Shell
  • Nylon Bonded Coats Thread
  • Hidden Structure Stitching
  • Reinforced Structure
  • Bar-Tack Stitching
  • YKK Zips
  • 360° & Short Connecting Zip

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these jackets with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size jackets with a tape. Our advice is to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

This jacket has an “American” fit, meaning it has a roomy cut and will work well for most body types included larger frame people. Those who are small-framed and those who prefer a trim “European” cut may want to choose a European cut brand like REVIT or Alpinestars.

For those that want to check the size based upon their chest and belly measurements, we put together the chart below. Measure your chest and belly and pick a size that is big enough for both. Oxford publishes a standard sizes chart however we think their chart understates the size of their jackets, so we recommend you use our chart below. You may find your belly/waist is significantly smaller than the size listed in the chart. A touring/adventure cut jacket like this easily adjusted through the belly area with the large side straps. The arms are also adjustable.

A larger cut jacket like this should easily accommodate the addition of a back protector if you decide to add one, so there is no need to up-size.

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
XS 38 36
Small 40 38
Medium 42 40
Large 44 42
XL 46 44
XXL 48 45
XXXL 52 49
XXXXL 55 51
XXXXXL 57 54

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Mondial jacket by Oxford is a great style for all kinds of riding… street, touring, adventure, etc. This is Oxford’s best jacket. It has a bonded waterproof layer and direct venting to make it very nearly an all-season jacket.

You might think the asking price of this jacket is a lot, but the key feature here is the shell construction with a bonded waterproof layer. The waterproof layer is actually permanently bonded to the back side of the outer shell. This type of construction is found in very high end jackets from Klim and REVIT and in those competing brands, you might pay two or three hundred dollars more than this, so for what it is, it’s very competitively priced. The big advantage of the bonded waterproof setup is that the jacket can be vented with zippers and the venting will flow right through to the rider. In designs where the waterproof layer is either behind the outer shell or even removable, air won’t flow to the rider through vents and so those designs won’t be usable in as wide of a temperature range. Also, with the removable liner setup, you have to put the liner in and take it out depending upon the conditions where this one is a permanent part of the jacket. Another advantage of the bonded waterproofing system is that the jacket shell repels water and doesn’t become waterlogged like other designs. When the shell of a jacket with a separate liner or removable liner gets wet, it is heavy and takes time to dry out.

The climate control features on this jacket work well with the bonded waterproof liner setup. On the front chest, there are two large vents that have the zippered “flaps” that open up to admit the air, which gives much more flow than a zip vent alone. And the sleeve zippers are “two way”, so you can zip those open from the top down and allow air to flow up the sleeves. Two rear vents are there to allow air to pass out the back. For colder weather use, you get a full sleeve thermal liner which feels really toasty.

I like the look and feel of the materials with this jacket. They feel very nice and I also like the overall styling and color selections. Like most of the other Oxford jackets, this one has the very nice adjustable collar closure with the snap to hold the collar open if you don’t want to close it completely. Both the collar and the cuff ends are nicely trimmed in neoprene.

The armor in the shoulders and elbows are standard issue CE level 1 rubberized, molded units, which are flexible and comfortable. The jacket has a compartment for an optional back protector. You can take the link below to order an optional back protector. For the low cost of the back protector, I’d recommend it. Take the link below to order.

We’ve also reviewed the matching Mondial pants which have a similar waterproofing setup as this jacket. So those pants would make the best match for this jacket. So if you are in the market for a bonded shell jacket, this would be the best-priced unit you’ll find in our store. :: Paul, 09-30-19

Oxford says: As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Today’s riding jackets are expected to be technically brilliant but that comes at a price. And Laminate jackets appear at the top of that pile. Enter the new Oxford Mondial – technically brilliant but at a price that is within reach of all discerning motorcycle riders. In addition, it’s light weight, doesn’t hold water in a downpour and dries out really quickly. The jacket employs a laminate outer shell, incorporating our highest Oxford Dry2Dry™ waterproof and breathable membrane bonded to a tough nylon construction. A durable inner lining provides comfort against the skin.

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