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Oxford Melbourne 2.0 Jackets (Medium Only)

  • A short, stylish, sports jacket designed for warm weather riding.
  • When it is warm, cooling is delivered through large mesh outer panels front & rear
  • In case of showers or cooler weather, a wind- and waterproof layer is provided, which can be worn inside or outside the jacket.
  • Multiple adjustment points on arms and waist.
  • Printed reflective detailing for improved visibility at night.
  • Comfort is prioritised with a beautifully finished synthetic suede collar and easily adjustable, soft-edged cuffs.
  • The connecting zip is compatible with all Oxford trousers.

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these jackets with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size jackets with a tape. Our advice is to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

Most jackets in the Oxford line fit noticeably more roomy than most brands… we call it an “American” fit, but this jacket is cut just a bit more trim than most of their jackets. I’d peg the overall fit somewhere between a typical “American cut” jacket and one of the “European cut” jackets like Alpinestars, Spidi or REVIT. It does have a trim, sporty look and is aimed toward sport bike riders.

For those that want to check the size based upon their chest and belly measurements, we put together the chart below. Measure your chest and belly and pick a size that is big enough for both. Oxford publishes a standard sizes chart however we think their chart understates the size of their jackets, so we recommend you use our chart below. This jacket has side waist adjusters you can use to snug the waist down to fit. The arms are also adjustable at the forearm and bicep. The adjustment capability is actually quite good.

This jacket comes with a simple foam back pad and you can upgrade the back protector if you like, but I don’t think there is any need to up-size.

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
XS 38 36
Small 40 38
Medium 42 40
Large 44 42
XL 46 44
XXL 48 45
XXXL 52 49
XXXXL 55 51
XXXXXL 57 54

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

I’m looking at two different versions of the Oxford Melbourne 2.0 jacket. There are a solid textile and an “Air” mesh version too. These jackets come with armor in the shoulders and elbows and a foam back pad which is upgrade-able. A removable rain liner is included too. The overall styling of the Melbourne 2.0 is strikingly similar to Alpinestars jackets which are particularly noticeable in the black/white and black/red variants. The all-black jackets are more “stealth”.

I’m reviewing both the versions of the Melbourne 2.0 together today. They are both very similar in fit and features and also styling. The main difference is the shell material. Please use the link below to visit the product page of the other jacket.

The “Air” version is made of a mostly-mesh shell so air flows right through the jacket. It will work especially well for hot summer riding. There are a wind and water proof liner included with the jacket which can serve to cut the wind in cooler weather and therefore make the jacket work for you into cooler fall and spring months. I’d suggest wearing the liner under the jacket for wind cutting and over the jacket for rain. It is sized to do either.

The standard version jacket (not the Air) is a solid textile jacket, and because the shell is solid textile it will be very comfortable in mild weather and could also be used in colder temps if you use some of your own layering clothes underneath to give some insulation. The removable rain liner can be worn OVER the jacket to shed the rain in case you are caught out in bad weather. It comes with zips and snaps so you can fit it inside the jacket too, but for use in rain, I think it will be more useful to wear it over the jacket which sill keep you AND the jacket dry. If you wear it under, your body will stay dry, but the jacket will get soaked. The standard Melbourne 2.0 comes with a couple of zippered shoulder vents to get some air into the jacket in hot weather. There is also a rear exhaust vent across the shoulders in back. These vents have some neat little snaps below the zipper to help hold them open to catch more wind. While the vents are certainly welcome, I don’t think they’ll rise to the occasion in really hot weather. I think this version is a fall/winter/spring design.

I’m impressed with the overall fit and adjustability of both these jackets. BTW, I find both styles to fit identically. The waist adjuster, the sleeve ends and the bicep area are all adjusted with Velcro/straps so you can snug them down to fit better. There is also a snap adjuster in the forearm area. I’m able to get a good fit out of this jacket easily, and as I mentioned in the sizing advice, while the jacket has a nice trim fit, it does have enough room in the shoulders and arms for larger build people.

The armor in the shoulders and elbows are standard issue CE level 1 rubberized, molded units, which are flexible and comfortable. The jacket has a compartment for an optional back protector. The jacket comes from the factory with a thin foam pad, more or less as a placeholder. You can take the link below to order an optional back protector. For the low cost of the back protector, I’d recommend it.

This jacket, like most of the other Oxford styles, looks like a very good value to me. The cost is quite low, but the overall quality of materials and construction are certainly passable. You’ll get a better product with a top-tier maker like REVIT or Alpinestars, but you’ll have to double your spend. :: Paul, 07-09-19

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