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Oxford Bradwell Wax Jackets (M Or XL Only)

  • Premium British Millerain waxed cotton
  • HUMAX waterproof, windproof and breathable fixed membrane
  • Pleated pockets for expansion
  • Rear box pleat for manoeuvrability and comfort
  • Luxurious tartan lining
  • Removable tartan thermal liner
  • Adjustable belt and popper-secured cuffs and collar
  • Double and triple stitch detailing in key areas
  • Storm flap
  • CE-EN1621-2:2014 Level 1 back protector available separately
  • CE-EN1621-1:2012 Level 1 elbow and shoulder protectors included

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these jackets with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size jackets with a tape. Our advice is to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing. With the thermal liner installed, the jacket felt a bit snug, so if you are between sizes and/or plan to wear the jacket over heavy clothes, I’d advise you to go up one size.

Most jackets in the Oxford line fit noticeably more roomy than most brands… we call it an “American” fit, but this jacket is cut just a bit more trim than most of their jackets. I’d peg the overall fit somewhere between a typical “American cut” jacket and one of the “European cut” jackets like Alpinestars, Spidi or REVIT.

For those that want to check the size based upon their chest and belly measurements, we put together the chart below. Measure your chest and belly and pick a size that is big enough for both. Oxford publishes a standard sizes chart however we think their chart understates the size of their jackets, so we recommend you use our chart below. This jacket has a belt around the torso you use to snug the waist down to fit.

This jacket this jacket is set up to accept Oxford’s optional back protector. I don’t think there is any need to up-size more than what I already advise above. .

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
XS 38 36
Small 40 38
Medium 42 40
Large 44 42
XL 46 44
XXL 48 45
XXXL 52 49
XXXXL 55 51
XXXXXL 57 54

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Oxford’s Bradwell jacket is a unique design jacket with a wax cotton shell, and a more modern waterproof liner to keep you dry. Armor is included in the shoulders and elbows and a back protector is optional.

The Bradwell is definitely a fashion statement piece. Have a look below at Oxford’s description of the shell material and its origin. The material is heavy duty canvas… think Carhartt, and the fabric is definitely “waxed”. Some wax cotton jackets are so waxy they are kind of annoying and even feel like they rub off on you, but this jacket doesn’t have that feel. It’s just enough to give the look and feel without the “ick”.

This is a solid shell jacket with a waterproof liner installed, so it should definitely be waterproof, but there are NO provisions for venting, so this jacket is definitely for mild weather and colder, and of course wet weather. The jacket comes with a removable thermal liner and it feels really nice, so with the liner in, I’d bet this jacket will be very warm. I’d expect some air to flow naturally through the shell, but the waterproof liner should make it windproof. I definitely would NOT recommend this jacket for summer use.

There are only a few jackets in our catalog like this one. Offhand, I can think of similar styles by Roland Sand and REVIT but none are EXACTLY as “heritage” as this one. Notice the quilting on the elbow patches and shoulders and then all the antique hardware. It really looks sharp. The inside fabric is tartan plaid to finish the look.

The armor in the shoulders and elbows are standard issue CE level 1 rubberized, molded units, which are flexible and comfortable. The jacket has a compartment for an optional back protector. You can take the link below to order. For the low cost of the back protector, I’d recommend it.

One thing I’d mention, I was immediately put off by the old fashioned neck strap closure due to the practical issue of fastening/unfastening, but know this: if you don’t want to retain that style queue, it does pull out of its pocket and you can stow it away. If the style of this jacket is what you’ve been after, then I’d very much recommend this jacket. The price, for what all you get, is just amazing to me. :: Paul, 07-12-19

Oxford says: This vintage-styled wet waxed cotton jacket uses traditional materials and manufacturing techniques to recall a time when people worked and played outdoors, come rain or shine. But hidden beneath the old-world look is a hidden layer of modern technology, to offer the best user experience.

The Bradwell’s key material is produced by British Millerain, a company which harks back to a day when goods were transported by wind-powered ships. Their sails were made from cotton which was waxed to protect against the ravages of the sea; the material consequently found its way into the clothing which sailors wore to protect themselves from the same inclemencies.

Respectful of the material’s heritage, Oxford’s designers have employed traditional tailoring methods to assemble the outer garment. For example, pockets are pleated in order to lie flat when empty, but provide space to expand when full. The mechanical stretch required in the back of the jacket to facilitate reaching the handlebars comfortably is created through another style of pleat, rather than with modern flexible fabrics. The collar and its accompanying belt are designed and cut in 3 dimensions, rather than as simple, flat panels; the resulting fit is just perfect. And the labour-intensive triple-stitching employed in all the potential impact areas is as pleasing to the eye as it is protective.

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