REVIT Glide Jacket ::

REVIT Glide Jacket (52 Or 56 Only)


Outer shell
  • Cowhide
  • PWR|shell stretch
  • Artificial Leather
  • Detachable thermal body warmer
  • Prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert – Type RV
  • Prepared for Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 | SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection
  • Safety seams
  • TPU protection at shoulder
  • 90% Leather, 10% Polyamide


  • Race fit
  • Slim fit
  • Jeans loop
  • Short connection zipper
  • Stretch fabric
  • Inner pocket
  • Napoleon pocket
  • Slit pocket

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We brought in samples of these jackets and measured them and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey. We put a 52 on Huey and a 56 on Dewey (typically they’d wear a 42/Med and 46/XL US size), and the sizes we chose give a snug/sport fit. Both look and fit great (click the “View Larger Images” link above to see).

To help you choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements, I’ve included the size chart below. It is based upon REVIT’s standard size chart and we think it is just about right. Also, we’ve included a waist/belly measurement. If you have a larger belly, you’ll want to make sure you are buying a jacket that is large enough to accommodate you. If your belly is smaller than the max size indicated in the chart for the chest size you choose, just use the adjustment straps to customize the fit with no problem. A jacket like this looks great with the waist adjusters in a bit.

Note: If you plan to add a back protector add 1” to both your chest and belly measurements before using the chart. If you plan to add chest armor, add an additional 1 inch to your chest.

Jacket Size Max Chest Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
46 36-37 34
48 37.5-38.5 35
50 39-40 37
52 40.5-41 39
54 42-43.5 40
56 43.5-45 42
58 45.5-46.5 43

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Glide jacket by REVIT is a new model for 2020. This is a heavy leather sport/race cut jacket, but some convenience features for use on the street. It’s a sharp style and there is no mistaking the sport styling.

This is really a heavy duty feeling jacket! And I don’t even have a back pad and chest protectors installed (more about that in a minute). Notice the molded armor units incorporated into the shoulders of the jacket. Those add sport styling but also add an extra layer of impact protection. Each color choice has strips of leather to add some style to the all-black base of the jacket. Those accents have a neat looking camo print (check the close-ups). And on the biceps, there are a couple of panels of leather with a honeycomb print that is sharp.

This jacket fits snug like a race jacket, but not so snug that it won’t be usable for every day. There are extensive stretch panels built into the sleeves and on the back behind the shoulders and down the sides of the torso. Those panels will let the jacket be flexible enough to move and be comfortable. Those fabric panels also serve a dual purpose to allow air to flow through. It’s not like a mesh, but this jacket ought to be far more comfortable in hot weather than a full leather jacket. For cooler weather use, the jacket comes with a vest type thermal liner. You can remove that vest in the summer, but in the winter you can use it to add just a bit of insulation. The best weather conditions for this jacket will be cool to warm (but not cold or hot), so I’d say about 2 to 3 seasons.

Armor inserts are included for the shoulders and elbows as standard. It’s REVIT’s SeeFlex CE Level 2 armor which is their best armor and the level 2 armor units are their most protective and appropriate for a sport/race leather jacket like this. The armor is a firm rubber compound and it is molded in a honeycomb pattern. The back protector is optional. The jacket is equipped with a pocket to accept a Seesoft CE Level 2 Back Protector Insert type RV (RV refers to the shape). For sizes Small or Medium, choose size 4; for Large thru XXL, choose size 5 and for XXXL and larger choose size 6. And to round out the protection package, you also have the option to add chest protection. The Seesoft Dived Chest Protector units install over your pecs in pockets built into the jacket just like the back protector installs. One size fits all on the chest protection units. Take the link below to order the back protector and chest protector units.

In the inside tail of the jacket is a short rear zipper to connect to REVIT riding pants. Many people will opt to wear this jacket with riding jeans or just their own jeans and also near the rear connection zipper is a couple of snap-close loops you can use to connect the jacket to your belt or loops on your jeans. A more robust alternative to connection the jacket to jeans is REVIT’s Safeway belt (take the link below). It’s a neat alternative that is more secure.

I personally like this jacket (and many other REVIT sport jackets) because they have features that make them usable on the street rather than just for racing. :: 02-11-20

REVIT says: Upon first glance, the Glide jacket looks like a sport jacket but has a clear distinction once you put it on. The secret behind the Glide is a design exercise that combines our experience in urban everyday riding gear with our MotoGP-fueled development from our racing collection. The result is a slightly longer jacket than you’d expect from a true racing garment. SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protectors at the shoulders and elbows come standard, with the option to easily be upgrade the safety component by installing our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert, and/or our divided SEESOFT™ chest protector inserts.

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