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Alpinestars Faster Air Flow V2 Jacket

A superbly styled sport riding garment with premium leather and extensive stretch paneling, the Faster v2 Airflow Jacket is brimming with protective and performance features. Fully optimized for use with or without Tech-Air® 5, Alpinestars world-leading electronic airbag safety system, this jacket is equipped with a body-mapped race fit and pre-curved sleeves, thus optimizing fit and comfort, while extensive perforations deliver enhanced ventilation.

  • Tech-Air 5® ready.
  • 1.3mm premium leather, multi-panel construction
  • Racing leather jacket designed with a body mapped race fit and pre-curved sleeves and body for optimal riding performance
  • Extensive poly fabric stretch inserts on chest, underarm, and rear shoulder
  • Rear of the jacket is elongated for enhanced coverage when riding
  • Over-molded, advanced TPU shoulder guard
  • Pre-curved sleeves and body
  • Hook and loop waist adjustment for an optimized fit
  • Removable internal shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Soft 3D mesh collar construction plus 3D mesh cuff edging for comfort
  • External large-opening front hand pockets
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants
  • Fully CE-certified riding garment to CE-category
  • CE Level 1 EN1621-1:2012 Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Plus shoulders and elbows protectors
  • Snap-button system to integrate the Level 2 Alpinestars Nucleon back protector (sold separately)
  • Multiple internal compartment pockets feature hook and loop for additional security
  • Front hand pockets are zippered for peace-of-mind closure
  • Strategically positioned perforations for highly improved ventilation

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Sizing Information

This product is sold in European sizes. We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins. The overall sizing of the jackets is accurate to the Alpinestars sizing chart for overall chest size (US chest size in inches is 10 points less than the European jacket size). I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape and get your chest size, and if you have a bit of a belly you can also check your max belly. If you know your suit coat size, that works too. Then you can use the size chart to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly using the chart below.

This is a sport cut jacket and fits close to the body. The taper from chest to waist is about 4” which is not as aggressive as a full-on race jacket (which can taper as much as 8” from chest to waist. With a “drop” of about 4”, the fit will be easier for those with an average to muscular build. But even if you are more trim, the jackets have well-functioning tabs at the waist so you can tailor the fit to your own waist size.

To also help with those that have a more broad chest, this model has a great deal of flexible fabric material in the underarm and behind the shoulders. And those stretch areas really do stretch a lot.

Euro Size Max Chest Size (inches) Max Belly Size (inches)
46 36 32
48 38 34
50 40 36
52 42 38
54 44 40
56 46 42
58 48 44
60 50 46

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Sizing Tip for Those Using Upgraded Armor: Adding chest or back armor to this jacket will change the fit. To account for that, I’d advise you to add one inch to your chest measurement if you plan to add either the Nucleon KR-1i/2i/CELLi back protector. Add another inch if you want to add the chest protectors.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Faster Air Flow V2 Jacket is new for 2021 and supersedes the Faster Airflow jacket from 2018. The overall package here is very similar to the previous version, but with Alpinestar’s newest armor package. This is a fully perforated leather sport jacket for those that want leather that can be worn comfortably in warmer temps.

This jacket remains one of my favorites among the lineup of AS sport leather jackets. Firstly, being in the southern part of the US, having a fully perforated leather jacket is a real luxury. Like the 2018 version, the perforations in the leather are actual punched holes (rather than just pinpricks found on other models). These perforations will flow a lot of air when at speed. Granted, a full-perf jacket won’t be as comfortable in cold weather, but you know your climate, and if you ride a lot in warmer air, then go for it. The overall cut isn’t uncomfortably snug and they’ve built-in stretch sections to give you reasonable movement which still provides a secure and snug fit to hold the armor in place.

The armor supplied with this jacket is a new Nucleon Flex Plus Level 1 armor in the shoulders and elbows. Please visit our armor department where this armor is sold separately if you are interested in a more detailed description, but just briefly the armor is a very flexible and low profile design that sits flatter on the body and is less noticeable than traditional molded rubber armor. The jacket has a pocket for an optional back protector. I’ve listed the Nucleon type options below. You’ll find MANY details on the back protector product pages, but for this jacket, I’d recommend the Nucleon KR-CELLi model for street use because of its lighter weight. If you plan to go to the track, then one of the other two would be better since they are most substantial and crash-worthy. Chest armor can also be installed, which we’ve also listed below. Please note the comments in our sizing advice is you plan to add chest/back armor.

A good selection of pockets is supplied for the average street rider and a full-around zipper can be used to connect to Alpinestars sport pants to make an outfit. This new version of the jacket has very nice Velcro side waist adjusters to get a good fit (the older version only had a two-position snap arrangement). Strangely, this new version comes without nighttime reflective where the older version had them. Bummer. Overall, this remains a great warm-weather sport jacket selection. :: 06-15-21

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