Alpinestars AS-DSL Shiro Leather Jacket ::

Alpinestars Diesel Shiro Leather Jacket

  • Premium leather main chassis constructed from 1.3mm genuine bovine leather with High Resistant Stretch Fabric (HRSF) strate-gically positioned for comfort.
  • Padding on elbow and upper back for high levels of rider comfort.
  • Nucleon Flex Plus armor on shoulder and elbow (Alpinestars Nucleon back protector and Nucleon KR-Ci chest protector available as an accessory upgrade).
  • HRSF polyamide stretch material on sleeve and accordion panels on back and shoulder for an optimized fit and performance.
  • Waist adjustment for the highest level of comfort.
  • Metal zip on front with a leather collar tab for a secure closure.
  • Low profile collar with soft leather construction for enhanced rider comfort.
  • Two zippered hand pockets, inner waterproof document pocket and additional inner pocket for secure and convenient storage.
  • Zippered ventilation for improved airflow.
  • According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply to this product:
  • CE Category II PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 – AA class.
  • CE Level 2 EN1621-2:2014 Alpinestars Nucleon back protector, available as an accessory upgrade.
  • CE Level 1 EN1621-1:2012 Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder and elbow protectors.
  • Tech-Air® compatible; Tech-Air® is the world’s first completely electronic, self-contained, full independent upper body motorcycle airbag system with no bike-to-rider set-up configurations required.
  • An LED display on the sleeve indicates the airbag’s operational status, while an internal housing located in the CE-certified back protector accommodates the system vest’s ECU.

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Sizing Information

This jacket has a fit very similar to Alpinestars race fit jackets fit very snug and are meant to fit skin tight. Most people will be able to wear the size they normally wear in men’s clothing, but because of the very close fit, we recommend you measure your chest and belly and also consider whether you will be adding full back/chest/tech air vest armor to the jacket since those take up some room.

In the chart below, we list the Euro sizes offered along with the chest estimate. In the first column we list what max chest is listed in the Alpinestar’s standard size chart, which, by the way is accurate for most street jackets. And then we’ve listed our estimate of max chest for this race fit jacket, which is about one inch smaller across the size range (so about 1/2 size smaller than normal).

Optional armor and fit: This jacket has provisions for optional back and chest armor OR the Tech Air air bag system. If you opt for either one, you’ll have to add about 2” to your chest measurement before choosing a size from the chart.

Measure your chest and belly, add 2” to your chest to account for adding armor or the air bag and then choose a size jacket from the chart that is big enough for both your chest and belly. This jacket has adjusters on the side of the torso to snug down the belly/waist area if you are smaller than the size listed for the jacket you choose.

Euro Size Normal Max Chest Our Estimate of
Max Chest Size (inches)
Our Estimate of
Max Belly Size (inches)
48 38 37 36
50 40 39 38
52 42 41 40
54 44 43 42
56 46 45 44
58 48 47 46
60 50 49 48

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Alpinestar’s Diesel Shiro Leather Jacket is new for 2020. This jacket has the protective chops of an Alpinestars sport jacket, but with styling more toward cruiser/retro. A few more creature comforts are built in to make it more street-worthy.

This jacket offers an interesting mix of styling and protection. The overall fit is somewhere between a race fit jacket and a standard street jacket. The sleeves and shoulder cut are that of a race style, but the torso of the jacket is more relaxed and doesn’t taper as severely as a race cut jacket. And there are a number of styling queues that remind me of sport leather jackets from the 70s, so “retro. For example, the quilting on the shoulders and raised patches on the elbows remind me of a Hein Gericke V Pilot jacket.

About the armor options for this jacket: This jacket is one of about a dozen models by Alpinestars that is Tech-Air compatible. That means the jacket has some pre-installed wiring harnesses and has extra stretch panels built into its shell to accommodate Alpinestar’s optional airbag system. To say it is “compatible” means you can add the airbag system in the future if you like. The airbag system is a relatively new product for Alpinestars and things are changing as they continue to develop the product. The Tech Air system is a VERY SIGNIFICANT investment… currently around $1200. As of this writing, we are not a dealer for their airbag system, and the system’s availability is very limited.

Aside for the option of adding an airbag vest in the future, this jacket has a full set of Alpinestar’s new Nucleon Flex Plus armor on shoulder and elbow. This new armor is CE level 1 and is made of a highly flexible rubber compound that is more comfortable and flexible as compared to CE 2 race armor fitted in other race jackets. That means this jacket is more functional and practical for street use. So out of the box, you’ll have excellent protection in the shoulders and elbows. But you can also add a chest protector and one of the back protector options. In the future, should you choose to explore buying an airbag vest, your jacket will be ready. The airbag system would be used in place of the optional chest protectors and back protector. The shoulder and elbow armor that is standard here would be used whether use conventional armor or the Tech-Air bag vest.

This jacket is set up to add any one of three back protector options that fit into a fabric pocket in the back of this jacket. We have listed those three options below. This jacket has lighter, more comfortable shoulder and elbow armor, and so I’d steer you toward the back protector that is most like the shoulder and elbow armor, the Nucleon KR-Celli unit. Chest armor can and should be added also. One option is available and is also listed below.

You’ll see a couple of zippered vents on the upper chest area of this jacket. Those can be used to flow a bit of air in warmer weather, but being a black leather jacket, you’ll find this style most comfortable in cool to warm weather, but it will be too warm in hot summer months I’m afraid. In colder weather, you could layer underneath with your own insulating layers.

You may want to have a look at the Diesel Shiro Tech Denim Jeans which are offered by Alpinestars as a good match to the styling of the jacket. The jacket has an all-around zipper if you wanted to connect to sport leather pants too.

There aren’t many comparable jackets this one, so if the styling appeals to you and your riding style, you’ve probably found your jacket!

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