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Spidi Solar Net Sport Jackets

Spidi Solar Net Sport is a new three-season jacket designed with the option to add either a waterproof or thermal liner, should the rider wish to wear it during the cooler months. It has a primary chassis of highly abrasion and puncture resistant mesh fabric, with airflow panels across the chest, arms, and back to provide a constant flow. CE Level 1 Warrior Lite and Forcetech armor is included in the elbows and shoulders, and there’s a pocket for an optional back protector (sold separately). The jacket is CE certified to the prEN 17092-4:2017 Class A standard, and it includes both a clip to attach a pair of jeans or riding pants and reflective sections to improve nighttime visibility. In order to ensure a tailored fit, the waist and cuffs are adjustable.

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Sizing Information

This jacket is sold in “alpha” sizes (Small, Med, Large, etc). Generally speaking, the sizing of Spidi jacket run about one size smaller than normal US men’s alpha sizing. We’ve confirmed the smaller sizing through measurements and by trying them on our /info_pages/motorcycle_gear_fit_check.html. Spidi’s standard sizing chart for men confirms the smaller-than-normal fit. Our basic advice is to buy one size larger than you normally wear in men’s clothing.

To help you confirm the size you need in this jacket, I’ve put together the sizing chart below. You’ll want to measure yourself with a tape around both your chest and belly and choose a size using the chart. We’ve included a waist/belly measurement so you can make sure you are buying a jacket that is large enough for both your chest and belly.

This jacket is fairly trim cut, but not overly so which means most body types will do just fine with it. Those with a waist that is trimmer than the chart indicates for their belly size can use the adjustment straps to customize the fit with no problem.

Jacket Size Max Chest Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
Small 37 34
Medium 39 36
Large 41 38
XL 43 40
XXL 46 43
XXXL 48 45

Note: If you plan on adding a back protector to this jacket, add 1” to your chest and belly measurements before using the size chart. If you plan to add the Thermo Jacket Liner also add 1” to your chest and belly (or 2” if you plan on adding both).

For reference, you can also have a look at Spidi’s standard sizing chart which includes similar chest size estimates along with recommended heights for each jacket size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Solar Net Sport jacket is another option in Spidi’s Solar Net family of jackets. This one is the most recent to be introduced. It is VERY similar in design and fit to the Solar Net but with sport styling and bright colors to go well with your sport bike. The Solar Net Sport is a summer sport jacket that come in two versions with options for a removable thermal liner, waterproof liner and/or back protection. Armor for the shoulders and elbows is standard. Be sure to check out the Solar Net and Solar Net WP (the waterproof version).

With this jacket you get the basic mesh jacket and shoulder/elbow armor. As an option, you can buy a removable waterproof liner and/or a removable thermal liner. The optional thermal liner offered for the Solar Net is like you find with a lot of other mesh jackets… it’s a waterproof liner that installs inside the jacket to keep water off your body if you ride into the rain. It can also be used as a wind breaker to make the jacket more comfortable in cooler weather, like on a cool morning or traveling over a mountain pass. The liner is not usable as a destination liner though (doesn’t work well or look “normal” when worn separately).

You can also buy the optional Thermo jacket liner which will add a layer of warmth for colder weather. The liner will add several months of the year to the usability of a full mesh jacket like this. The Thermo jacket liner is usable as a light weight destination jacket too. It looks like a light “puffy” jacket. Take the link below to view the optional thermal liner.

The armor included for the shoulders and elbows is a molded and rubberized type. It is molded in such a way that it is very flexible and reasonably thin. It is a very appropriate armor type for a light summer street jacket like this. Back protection is optional. Spidi supplies Velcro strips on the line in back to secure the back protector in place. Any of the back protectors will work in the jacket. Click through the links at the bottom of this page for info about each model. I’d recommend the Warrior 510 standard or compact back protector option for this jacket. The warrior is the lightest and smallest option and is a practical choice for a light weight street jacket like the Solar Net.

We like the Solar Net Sport or the standard Solar Net jacket. Both models are a simple design and have a lot of options with regard to inserts for water or for insulation. And in the case of this jacket, you can put off the purchase of the liners until you get some experience with the jacket, which might prevent a buying mistake. :: Paul, 09-09-19

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