Fly Racing Flux Air Jacket ::

Fly Racing Flux Air Jacket (Size XXL Only)

  • Abrasion resistant mesh design keeps you cool in the hottest conditions
  • Anatomically fitted for the riding position
  • Formed PE armor in the shoulders, elbows and back
  • Up-gradable CE armor kit available
  • High visibility reflective piping for added safety
  • HYDRA Guard – water/wind resistant removable liner is great for the occasional rain shower, or perfect windbreaker for cool mornings or evenings 3-step adjustable sleeve volume control, helps keep your armor in just the right place
  • Zippered wrist cuff enclosure with security snap
  • Dual velcro adjustable waist straps provide a custom fit
  • Two (2) zippered hand pockets, one (1) zippered chest pocket and one (1) velcro chest pocket
  • Dual, full length side expanders for customized fit

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a number of sizes in this jacket and found them to fit as expected. I’d encourage you to order the size you normally wear in men’s clothing for sizes Small through XL, and since there is limited standardization on fit above XL, I’d recommend those who wear larger sizes to measure their chest and belly and choose based on the chart I’ve put together below. If you find yourself between sizes, I’d encourage you to order the smaller.

Those with large bellies will love this style. The proportions are generous through the lower torso… for each size, the belly is about 2” smaller than the chest, but on each side of the jacket are expansion zippers that go way up, almost to the armpit and when open will another 4” or so to the max belly! But also, there are side waist adjustment straps to snug down the mid-torso area for those with slimmer lines. VERY versatile!

Here is a chart we put together with approximate max chest and belly sizes for every “alpha” size. You can use this chart to choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements.

Size Max Chest Max Belly Max Belly
(with side zips open)
Small 40 38 42
Medium 42 40 44
Large 44 42 46
XL 46 44 48
XXL 50 48 52
XXXL 54 52 56
XXXXL 58 56 60

Note: This chart mirrors Fly’s official size chart for sizes XL and above, but shows larger sizes than Fly’s chart for smaller sizes. Their chart for the smaller sizes is not accurate.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Fly Racing jacket Flux Air jacket is made for those who need a jacket the absolute best airflow possible. this jacket is a FULL mesh design, meaning there are no textile reinforcements, etc to impeded the full flow of air, so this model will perform the best of nearly any mesh jacket we sell.

The lack of solid textile overlays, etc does have a downside… those reinforcements are to add some abrasion resistance and to provide some structure to the jacket to help hold the armor in place if/when you fall. But often get request from riders who want a “minimalist” jacket like this as something they can tolerate to wear in their extreme heat climate, so for those folks, this one will serve the purpose.

This jacket does include a separate rain barrier for use when it rains. Or you can install the liner and it will function as a wind break for cool mornings, mountain passes, etc. The liner is VERY thin and comes in a little storage pouch you can throw in a piece of luggage or storage compartment when not needed. The liner admittedly is very thin and probably won’t hold up to frequent use and handling, but for occasional use I think you’ll find it works well.

I give this jacket high marks for functionality for extreme heat use, and it gets the prize for least expensive mesh jacket in our store. I can’t really give the overall quality high marks… but after all, it is a very inexpensive product. :: Paul, 09-07-17

Add an upgraded back protector?: This jacket comes with a simple foam back pad and Fly doesn’t offer a CE rated upgrade, but I find that our most popular upgrade back protector by D3O fits the mesh pocket in this style very well. The men’s size Back pad in either Level 1 or 2 fits both men’s and women’s (the women’s size back pad is too small for the women’s jacket pocket, so get the men’s there too). You could get level 2, but for a general duty jacket like this, I think the Level 1 upgrade will be most comfortable and practical.

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