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Z1R The Motz Leather Shirt

  • Buffalo soft milled full grain leather
  • Full length polyester mesh liner wicks moisture
  • Two snap closure chest pockets
  • Front zipper & snap closures

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Our Price:
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Sizing Information

We measured a selection these leather shirts and we also put the Medium on Huey and the XL on Dewey. We found the fit of these shirts to fit about like they should when compared to normal men’s clothing. Z1Rs normal sizing chart shows they fit a bit more generousely, but we didn’t think so. So my advice would be to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

If you know your suit coat size or you have a tape and can measure, please use the size chart below. You’ll want to pick a size that is big enough for both your chest and your belly. This shirt doesn’t taper from chest to waist so the belly size is listed as being the same as the chest size. You’ll only need to concern yourself with belly size if you belly is bigger than your chest.

SIze Max Chest Max Belly
Small 40 40
Medium 42 42
Large 44 44
XL 46 46
XXL 48 48
XXXL 51 51
XXXXL 53 53
XXXXXL 55 55

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Z1R Motz shirt is a great option for those that want the look and feel of leather but in a basic shirt style rather than a jacket.

Riding shirts have become more popular in the last few years… we’ve seen all sorts of variants from soft flannel to fully armored textiles (but in a shirt style). The Motz is one of the few leather shirts we’ve found on the market.

The leather is just slightly lighter in weight than a competition jacket so it is soft and flexible, but not too stiff for a shirt style. The leather is thick enough to give some pretty nice abrasion protection.

I see two features that are important for a motorcyclist… first the main front closure is a zipper hidden behind the snaps. The zipper will keep the shirt from flying open in a fall so it will better protect you. And it see that the collar tips are anchored by snaps so they don’t flap against your neck in the wind.

The inside of the shirt is lined with sturdy mesh nylon. There are no provisions for adding armor and surprisingly there are no internal gun pockets (most other Z1R shirts and jackets have those). But its a very nice basic leather shirt and if that is what you want, then here you go! :: Paul, 07-16-18