Roland Sands Design Walker Leather Jacket ::

Roland Sands Design Walker Leather Jacket

  • Genuine, top grain RSD “Matte Buffalo” leather (1.0-1.2mm thickness)
  • Classic riding fit with rotated, pre-curved sleeves, dropped back length, and relaxed collar opening
  • Zip pockets and cuffs
  • Side adjustable waist tabs
  • Satin poly lining with custom RSD numbers heat emboss
  • Soft lined electronics security pocket
  • Stretch mesh cargstuff pockets
  • Armor ready shoulder, elbow and back protector pocket

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Sizing Information

This jacket is a trim cut street leather jacket and it fits a bit more snugly than most casually styled jackets like this. We measured a selection of sizes and also tried these on our fit test mannequins. Huey is wearing a medium and Dewey is in the XL. These are the sizes they normally wear. The fit is trim but looks good.

I’d advise to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing if you are looking for the trim fit this jacket offers. If you prefer a more casual fit, or are between sizes, then you’ll want to choose a size larger. To make size selection easier, we’ve developed the chart below to help you choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements. If you have a bit of a belly, just make sure that the jacket you choose will be big enough for both your chest and belly.

Note: if you plan to add a back protector to this jacket, then add 1” to the chest/belly measurements before choosing a size.

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 38 36
Medium 40 38
Large 43 41
XL 46 44
XXL 48 46
XXXL 51 49

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Walker leather jacket by Roland sands is very nice, simple style street jacket. The details and the quality leather are what sets this one apart. Nearly any type of rider would like wearing a jacket like this.

The leather used in this jacket is buffalo. Its very soft and has a very soft feeling finish… not quite matte, but not shiny either. It won’t take any time at all to break this one in. And have a look at the interior shots of the jacket. You’ll see the use of raw leather and perforated leather on the trim and also a satin liner. There is a lot of extra detailed work here.

This jacket is offered in a solid leather design and also a perforated version (take the link below to have a look at the other style). The solid leather style will work best for colder to mild weather where the perforated version will work best in mild to hot weather. The perforations on the perf version are large and plentiful and should flow a lot of air.

A leather jacket like this one will give good abrasion protection, but if you want to add the impact protection too, it comes with provisions for the addition of protective armor. The armor is made by Forcefield and is nice stuff. The armor pieces themselves are a three ply arrangement which allows them to flex and mold to your body shape easily. Adding the armor makes this jacket as protective as the better sport/race jackets we sell. Many cruiser/retro styles we sell don’t have armor as standard so having the ability to add good armor is a big plus. Take the links below to purchase the armor pieces you want.

The overall style of this jacket reminds me a lot of several Vanson styles we used to carry… plain mandarin, simple styling with few seams. Like I said, this simple style is classic and works well with almost any style of riding. :: Paul, 03-15-18

Roland Sands says: The Walker Jacket by RSD features the all-new Matte Buffalo main body for a soft and supple feel with little break in required. This simplistic café styles jacket offer the necessary performance and function to ensure protection, and the style and fit for all day wear ability both on and off the bike.

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