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Icon 1000 Axys Leather Jacket (S, M, Or XL Only)

  • Chest vents, combined with perforations, provide plenty of air flow
  • D3O® CE certified impact protectors – Shoulder, elbow, back
  • Removable insulated SatinCore™ vest liner
  • 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather chassis
  • ICON 1000 relaxed fit

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Sizing Information

We tried the size Medium in this jacket on Huey and we put an XL jacket on Dewey. These are the sizes they normally wear and both fit great. My advice would be to wear the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

If you look at Icon’s chest size estimates for each jacket, you might be choosing a size larger than you normally wear (example a person with a 46 chest typically is an XL, but using Icon’s chart you’d buy an XXL), but we think the jackets fit more like what you’d expect in men’s clothing.

If you want to choose a jacket based upon your chest and belly size, I’ve put together the chart below. I’ve included Icon’t suggested chest size ranges and I’ve added a column to give you our estimate of max chest and belly size for each jacket size. If you prefer a loose fit, then Icon’s estimates would be appropriate.

The overall fit of this jacket is a bit more sporty than most of Icon’s jackets. The jackets taper from chest to belly more like a sport jacket than a cruiser style jacket. So when choosing a size, you should measure your belly as well as your chest and make sure the size you are getting will be big enough for both your chest and belly.

Size Icon’s Chest Est Our Max Chest Our Max Belly
Small 36-38 38-40 36
Medium 38-40 40-42 38
Large 40-42 42-44 40
XL 42-44 44-46 42
XXL 46-48 46-48 44
XXXL 48-50 48-50 46

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The 1000 Axys leather jacket is the flat-black stealth member of the Icon 1000 leather jacket line. This jacket is functionally VERY similar to the 1000 Retrograde jacket. The armor system, the venting and even the removable vest are similar in function. You wouldn’t know by a casual glance though… the Retrograde is more “luxury retro” and this one is “hard core retro”.

The leather shell of this jacket is a very heavy black leather with a matte finish. This jacket has the retro vibe with the quilted shoulders and the patch pockets on the chest. And the jacket has blacked out rivets and zippers. Its a very heavy duty look.

This jacket is a more trim fit than most cruiser style jackets and because of the more trim cut, the armor works well and is securely held in position, much like it does in a sport jacket. And the jacket does have black stretch panels built in behind the arms and down the sides of torso which adds some flexibility to make it comfortable to reach forward to the riding position.

Three features on this jacket adds to its usability in warmer weather… it has two way zippers at the sleeve end which allows air to flow up the arms when the zippers are zipped down toward the cuff. And perforated leather is used on the underside of the arms and down the side of the torso. And finally there are two short zip vents right above the patch pockets on the chest. And for colder weather use, this jacket has a removable vest liner to add a bit of insulation. And of course you can use your own layers under the jacket too. And the perfs will make the jacket comfortable in warmer weather. So I think this jacket will work in all but HOT weather, so lets say this one is for three seasons.

As I mentioned above, this jacket comes with a full set of D3O armor which is very good stuff and so there will be nothing else to buy. This jacket reminds me of many Icon styles for street sport, but with a more cruiser/retro feel and a higher level of styling. :: Paul, 05-03-18

Icon says: It’s hard to tell which side of the tracks is the wrong side when you’re standing on top of them. The 1000 Axys leather jacket doesn’t keep tabs on those sorts of things; it has your back no matter what. When things go sideways you can count on its 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather. Chest vents, combined with perforations, provide plenty of flow while the removable quilted liner quickly adjusts to any riding condition. Internal D3O® impact protectors (shoulder, elbow, and back) complete the package. The chain-stitched chest logo lets the Socs know you roll with 1000 and are not to be messed with. The streets are mean, be mean back.

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