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Dainese Nera 72 Perforated Leather Jacket (Size 60 Only)



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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey to see how they fit. Normally we’d put Huey in a Medium/42 US (52 Euro) and Dewey in a XL/46 US (56 Euro) but this model runs smaller than most Euro sized jackets. In our photo gallery, Huey is wearing a Euro 54 and Dewey is in a 58 which both look great.

This product is sold in European sizes. Generally speaking, the US chest size in inches is equivalent to roughly 10 points less than the European jacket size. Example: a 56 Euro jacket is similar to a size 46/XL men’s US size. But since this jacket style runs a bit more snugly, we recommend buying one size larger, add about 12 points to your US chest size to get the right Euro size. I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape and get your chest size and belly size, then use the size chart to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly using the chart below. Approximate US alpha sizes are also listed in the chart so you can check if the jacket size you choose is the same alpha size as you normally wear in men’s clothing.

I’d call the overall cut of this jacket “sport casual”. It is meant to fit snug, but it doesn’t taper nearly as much as sport/race jackets. The difference between the max chest and max belly is about 2” or less. With sport/race jackets the “drop” from chest to waist will be more like 4” to 8” depending on the model. The overall fit if this style is much more forgiving and will fit a wider range of body types.

Sizing tips for upgrading armor: If you plan to add a back protector add 1” to your measured chest/belly size before using the size chart.

Euro Size Max Chest (inches) Max Belly (inches) Approx US Alpha Size
44 32 32 XS
46 34 34 XS
48 36 35 Small
50 38 37 Small
52 40 39 Medium
54 42 41 Medium
56 44 43 Large
58 46 44 XL
60 48 46 XXL
62 50 48 XXXL
64 52 50 XXXXL

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Dainese Nera 72 jacket is a limited edition design leather jacket which is offered in either a solid leather or perforated leather version. Both versions are a classic Cafe style. The Nera 72 comes with Dainese Pro-Armor in the shoulders and elbows and a compartment for a back pad which is optional.

Wow, the leather and build quality of this jacket is just fantastic. Both versions are jet back with a classic shiny finish. The solid jacket feels a bit thicker than the perf model, but both are motorcycle weight leather. Even though the styling might pass for a fashion jacket, these are heavy duty leather jackets… not just a pretty face! Both jackets might measure out with the same thickness of leather and perhaps the perf version feels a bit lighter just due to the perforations. Anyway, both are built to be protective, but also very stylish.

Take a look at the close-up photos of each jacket style to get a good idea of the look and feel. The perforated leather version is sold on this product page and you can take the link below to view the solid version. Both versions offer the same fit. Of course, the solid leather jacket will work best for those riding in a cooler temp range where the perforated version is better for warmer weather use. One thing I really like about the perforated jacket is how the micro-perforations cover nearly the entire jacket except for the leather right near the seams. It’s a sharp look, but also adds to the jacket’s sturdiness. Where the jacket is stitched together is solid leather which is stronger than the perforated leather. That treatment is even done around the pockets and main zipper too. I really don’t know how they do this, but I’m impressed.

In looking over the solid leather version, the styling really reminds me of classic Cafe styles by Vanson or Schott. Both companies have made classic styles like this for many decades. The style really works with any style of riding really, but I think it would look extra sharp with retro style street bikes like Triumph. The looks are classic but this jacket has modern protection features that are very recent introductions by Dainese. The armor included for the shoulders and elbows is their new Pro-Armor type which is the honeycomb molded rubber you see from many premium brands. It is highly rated and is also soft and lighter than armor made of solid compounds. The back protector I’d recommend for this jacket is the Pro-Armor G back protector. Take the link below to order. It is a similar honeycomb design and will work great in a style like this.

I really can’t say enough about the quality of the leather and the tailoring of this style. And at the current closeout price, we are offering, it is truly a great value on a jacket that can serve you for decades. :: Paul, 12-27-18

Dainese says: Motorcycle leathers have a history of their own. As the bikes grew more sophisticated, the leathers advanced with them, adapting to the most demanding riders’ needs. Among other things, the design of the collar had to be changed to accommodate their increasingly extreme riding positions. Then, in the eighties, clips and Velcro closures went out and in came the collar design now favored by the world’s fastest riders. Nera72 embodies that development, enhanced by the clean lines enabled by Pro-Armor technology. The spirit of speed.

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