Black Brand Guardian Vest ::

Black Brand Guardian Vest (Med and LG Only)

  • Six side adjustment buckles
  • YKK® zippers
  • Black Brand logo embossed on back
  • Secure zippered pockets
  • Inside liner zipper for easy patch installation
  • Purchase benefits our injured returning vets thanks to our partnership with Homes For Our Troops
  • Six-year warranty against manufacturers defects

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Sizing Information

Vests is a little more forgiving than jackets for fit, but the basics are the same… choose a vest that will be big enough for both your chest and belly. After taking some measurements and trying some one, we find this vest to be cut like the jackets, which match the size chart provided by Black Brand (see below). Most people will be able to choose the size they normally wear in men’s clothing, but I’d recommend you throw a tape around yourself and check your chest and belly and make sure that the size you choose will be big enough for both.

The vest has the side buckles. Because of how they are positioned, you’ll only be able to snug down the vest by about 1” per side for a total of 2” all around on both the chest and belly area (the equivalent of about 1/2 size).

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
Medium 40” 36”
Large 44” 40”
XL 48” 44”
XXL 52” 48”
XXXL 56” 52”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Guardian Vest by Black Brand is a nicely styled black leather vest. It’s “normal” style is why I chose this one for our store. We’ve got a number of other more “mad max” style vests from Speed and Strength, Icon and others, but I know there are a lot of cruiser riders that like the vest style, but don’t want the “over the top” looks.

This vest has two zip pockets outside and one inside breast pocket. And for style and some adjustability (see my sizing advice above), the vest has the large side roller buckles. The liner has a big zipper so you can get your colors sewn on the back of the vest if you like. Your tailor will LOVE this feature! Please take the “View Larger Images” to see all these features close up. :: Paul, 04-01-16

About the new Black Brand gear: This line of gear was introduced in 2016. The gear is moderately priced, and is very good overall quality. It comes from the same folks that produce River Road which is a line of cruiser gear that has been around for MANY years. We’ve carried River Road for at least 10 years and we like it. From what I can tell, the Black Brand is more or less a “re-branding” of that line. You can buy these products with confidence with regard to quality and service after the sale.

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