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Icon Brigand Vest

  • Durable textile chassis
  • D30 Viper CE certified back protector (removable)
  • Side fit adjustment straps
  • Sized to fit over jacket
  • Premium YKK zippers
  • Storage pockets

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Sizing Information

This vest is intended for wear over another jacket, so the sizing is made bigger for that purpose. Here is the chart provided by Icon:

Vest Size Rider’s Chest Size
Small/Medium 36-42
Large/XL 42-46
XXL/XXXL 46-50
4XL 50-54

By our estimation the “Rider’s Chest Size” refers to the rider’s body/clothing size (not measured over other apparel). Our advice would be to order the vest in the clothing size you normally wear (or use the chart to convert from a chest/suit coat size to an alpha size choice). For example, I wear an XL in men’s tee shirts and have a 46 chest. I’d buy the Large/XL vest. That vest measures about 44 in the mid-torso area which should be big enough to wear over a riding jacket.

The vest has size adjustment buckles, but those are largely cosmetic. In the most closed position, they look great over the fabric behind (and make the vest fit like we describe above). If you open them up, they just hang more loosely from the vest (and don’t make the vest fit bigger) because the fabric panels behind the buckles is not big enough to allow the vest to expand. Bummer…. Looks like just a minor “design fail” to me.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

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Our Two Cents

The Brigand vest works for those wanting a vest to wear over other riding gear. The gear is mostly “stripped” so that you can attach your colors without conflicting with the design features of the vest (especially on the back). We’ve taken some nice close-up pictures of this vest so you can see the detail. I like the front facing Icon logo. It’s subtle for sure, but up close the letters have a rubber/matte finish which is kinda cool. Same goes for the stripe-quilted material on the shoulders. It has sort of a suede-like finish. The vest comes with a very high quality back protector (removable though if you don’t want to use it). The vest has a couple pockets in front, a vest stash pocket (for a wallet or cell?) and a couple little vertical narrow pockets just inside the placket (I dunno what for… they’re really small). This vest is a lighter, cooler and cheaper version of Icon’s now obsolete Regulator vest line and we sold a ton of those. I don’t see why this one wouldn’t be just as popular and work equally as well. :: Paul, 07-28-12

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