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Arai Pro Shade Shield (Max Brow)

  • Replacing the stock shield, the Pro Shade Shield reduces excess ambient light in both the down and up positions. It consists of a clear shield and a smoke visor
  • In the up position, it can reduce sudden glare with just a subtle dip of your head – so you don’t have to take your hands off the bars

As of this writing, there are two Pro Shade Systems to choose from, depending on which helmet you have. There’s one for the Corsair V, Defiant, RX-Q, Signet-Q and Vector 2 models (all helmets that use the SAI shield). There’s a different one for the Corsair X, Quantum-X and Signet-X helmets (which use the VAS-V shield). Please look at the chart below to choose the Pro Shade System that fits your helmet.

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Sizing Information

Here is a chart to help you pick the correct Pro Shade System depending on which helmet you have. If you have a Signet-Q or a Signet-X helmet, be especially careful as they DO NOT use the same Pro Shade System.

Pro Shade Shield Helmet Type
SAI Corsair V
SAI Defiant and Defiant Pro-Cruise
SAI Signet-Q and Signet-Q Pro-Tour
SAI Vector 2
VAS-V Corsair X
VAS-V Quantum-X
VAS-V Signet-X

Product Video

Our Two Cents

This is a new product from the engineers at Arai that will come in very handy indeed, especially if your ride takes you through different lighting conditions. For more information, here’s a pdf from Arai.

We’ve already posted the first youtube video from Arai regarding this shield; here’s the second part.

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