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Icon Pursuit CE Gloves

  • Ax Suede Laredo construction
  • Molded knuckle plate
  • Metal logos
  • Accordion flex zones
  • TPR hook and loop wrist closure
  • Touchscreen enabled

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

For your reference, these gloves fit consistently with the major American designed brands we carry such as Tour Master, Joe Rocket, FirstGear, etc, which are “normal” in fit and size. And they are a bit more roomy than some European brands such as Alpinestars and REV’IT! that typically run about a half size smaller than the American “normal” fit. Hopefully you have some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

Icon Pursuit gloves have been around for a LONG time. Here’s the 2018 slightly revised version. This is a handsome and comfortable short cuff leather glove any rider could love.

I was totally faked out by the “leather” used in these gloves. I was all set to tell you it was high quality leather that felt great, but actually, these gloves are made of a new synthetic leather called Ax Suede (read about it on their website). they really feel great and the material is supposed to be more abrasion resistant than animal leather. Does it work? I bet it does. Just look at the list of brand name products using this in their gloves.

Otherwise, this version of the Pursuit is the same as previous iterations from past years. This is has molded protection over the knuckles and some little armor pieces over the back of each finger. The palm and the heel area of the hand are reinforced with two layers of leather. The fingers have touch screen compatible threat to help you manipulate your phone screen and there is a hand pull tab built in at the wrist.

This whole package comes as a price that is less than the same thing from about 2012, so kudos for the pricing! :: Paul, 09-04-18

Icon says: The super sleek smooth and supple Ax Suede Laredo construction is massively durable for all your jaunts. Integrated knuckle protection cranks this gloves crash-worthiness to 11 and the touch screen compatible palm keeps you in the know when your on the road.