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Dainese Steel Pro In Gloves (SOLD OUT)


  • Composite inserts in preformed stainless steel and thermoplastic resin on the knuckles and back
  • DCP system on little finger
  • External thermoplastic resin inserts on side of little finger
  • Gloves certified to CE – Cat. II – PrEN 13594 Standard lev. 1
  • Inserts in thermoplastic resin at the joints of the fingers and the head of the ulna bone
  • One single leather panel to the side of the hand
  • Polyurethane insert on the palm
  • Quadruple elastication between knuckles and back of the hand
  • Reinforced leather palm

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Goatskin leather
  • Drum-dyed goatskin leather super soft palm
  • Perforation on inner side of finger
  • Airprene cuff
  • Elasticated inserts
  • Gloves-to-sleeve Inner Tech System
  • Micro-injection reinforcement on the palm
  • Microelastic elasticated inserts
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Tightening strap

Other Features:

  • Elasticated cuff inserts
  • Soft inserts

Note About Shipping: Items that show an availability of “Same Day” are physically located in our Lubbock TX warehouse and will ship on the same day as ordered if you order by 2 p.m. central on a weekday (or the next working day if ordered after 2 p.m central.)
Items showing “3-5 Days” will ship as soon as we receive the item from the Dainese US distribution system which can range from one to four weeks. The Dainese US distributor relies on inventory in their US warehouse as well as inventory overseas. Unfortunately their system is not capable of giving us a more accurate real-time estimate . If you are concerned about the shipping time on any particular item showing “3-5 Day” availability, please reach us using the Customer Service link here on our website, otherwise, we’ll assume you are OK with the longer time frame for delivery.

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Sizing Information

Most Dainese gloves we’ve carried run snug like other European brands, but this particular style seems to run “normally” like other US brands. So choose the size you normally wear.

Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

Dainese Steel Pro gloves are their current sport/street and race glove with a host of protective features for the track. This glove is as affordable as other top brand’s race gloves for the masses. These gloves are secondary in Dainese’s glove lineup to the professional Full Metal 6 gloves for just over $400. The Steel Pro comes in two versions… this Steel Pro “In” glove with a truncated gauntlet meant to work with Dainese jackets and suits which are set up for their In” glove to be worn inside the sleeve rather than over. And then there is also the standard Steel Pro with a full gauntlet to be sued with any other race jacket or suit, then this full gauntlet version meant to be worn over your jacket sleeve in the traditional way. Take the link below to view the standard Steel Pro.

Most all the major boxes are ticked with this Steel Pro design. The key feature to this and any race glove product are a positive closing and secure strap at the wrist to keep the gloves on your hands in case of a fall; an armored longer gauntlet with Velcro adjustability to fit over your jacket or suit sleeve (this “in” glove works with Dainese jackets and suits to accomplish the wrist protection without the full gauntlet); hard armor over the knuckles, and in the case of this particular glove, hard armor down the back of the hand as well; extra protection over the pinkie and finally hard armor in the heel of the hand which is an area of expected impact if you fall. They are all present on this glove.

Overall, this glove feels very sturdy and has a very high build quality. Of course the styling and fit is somewhat different than other race gloves, but generally speaking, these are comparable to other models we sell such as Alpinestars. One area that stands out here is the armor system over the pinkie. There is a series of small armor bits secured to a second layer of leather along the length of the pinkie and which wraps around the pinkie as well. Other brands have at least an extra layer of leather and some extra padding for the pinkie, but Dainese really sets the bar in this area.

The knuckles have an internal molded hard plastic armor piece built in like most others, but then there is a plate of steel over the top both along the knuckles and also over the back of the hand. To make the glove flex over the knuckle there is a strip of accordion leather. To me, the cut of this glove feels wider across the knuckles than Alpinestars but maybe a bit less flexible (because of all the armor in the area). If you’ve tried Alpinestars gloves and find them to fit a bit “slender” through the hand, then this glove might be just the thing for you. The overall fit is more “American” for sure. No need to go up in size as compared to your street gloves. :: Paul, 08-21-19

Dainese says: Top of the line features make the Dainese Steel-Pro In Gloves the ultimate track glove. Composite inserts combined with preformed stainless steel provide hard part protection on the back of the hand. Dainese’s distortion control protects your pinky in a lowside crash. A reinforced leather palm uses polyurethane inserts for longevity and positive feedback with your grips. The low profile Airprene cuff is designed to slip into a Dainese jacket or race suit with the corresponding glove-to-sleeve InnerTech System. Thermoplastic resin along the fingers bolster knuckle protection, while quadruple elastication between the knuckles allow freedom of movement.