Alpinestars SP-2 v2 Gloves ::

Alpinestars SP-2 v2 Gloves

  • Racing styled, mid-size cuff length for additional coverage
  • Full premium leather main construction, with leather palm for comfort and control and perforated leather on top hand and wrist for excellent levels of breathability
  • Race proven TPU injected knuckle protection system to absorb and dissipate impact
  • Alpinestars double wrist closure system, with hook and loop closures to ensure close fit and security closure
  • Synthetic suede side reinforcements on landing zones
  • Accordion leather stretch inserts on fingers and thumb to increase fit and directional movement and comfort
  • Thumb and palm reinforcements constructed from advanced elastomer for a superior grip and movement
  • Alpinestars ergonomic stretch insert between palm and thumb
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertip
  • Foam padding 3mm on fingers
  • Alpinestars’ patented finger bridge
  • Vented knuckle gusset aids internal airflow
  • CE certified level 1

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Sizing Information

The fit of Alpinestars gloves are very consistent from one model to the next. And overall, they fit a bit small as compared to other brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, etc. It’s not enough to recommend that you buy a larger size (especially if a snug fit is preferred) but it is noticeable enough to say that if you are sometimes between sizes, then you should probably choose the larger of the two. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

Alpinestars has the SP-2 glove dialed in for sure. We’ve been carrying iterations of this glove for YEARS. The last one was in 2014 and this new “v2” is the latest update.

Many of the features of this glove remain the same as past designs, and those are the ones that are the essentials in a good sport/race glove, such as: vented/molded hard knuckle protector, positive-close wrist strap to secure the gloves on your hand, reinforcement in the heel of the hand and extra reinforcement on the side of the hand an pinkie. Speaking of the pinkie, this glove (like nearly all Alpinestars gloves) has a small leather piece that connects the pinkie and ring finger of each glove. This is a safety feature designed to add strength to the more fragile pinkie in case of a fall. Sort of like a splint helps protect an injured finger from damage by coupling it to the adjacent finger.

With this new version, I see this one has a separate strap at the wrist to make sure the gloves stay on your hands in a fall. Also, the gauntlet is a bit “toned down” as compared to the last version. Its a bit shorted and doesn’t have as large of a Velcro tab closure. I think, with this new design, you would be able to tuck the gauntlet under your sleeve or put it over the sleeve where with past designs, the gauntlet would only go over your sport/race jacket sleeve. I also see a new big stretch panel on the side of the thumb which helps you get a grip on the bars without too much effort.

The SP-2 glove is a “can’t go wrong” sport and touring design with great features and all for a very competitive price. :: Paul, 05-16-18