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Spidi Alu-Pro Evo H2Out Gloves

  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable H2Out garment
  • Glove lined with wadding 150 gr.
  • Anti-absorbent water barrier
  • High tenacity elastic flex tenax Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance
  • Polar fleece
  • Primaloft waterproof , breathable, insulating wadding
  • Reflex zones for night-riding
  • Polar microfleece
  • Neopren: elastic, comfortable and waterproof fabric
  • Variable-density polyurethane shield having shock absorber functions
  • High resistant suede microfiber
  • Goat Leather, 0.6/ 0.8 mm thick, high fitting performance
  • Average weight 0,3 Kg
  • Touchscreen
  • CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 Regulation.
  • PPE protective motorcycle gloves EN 13594: 2015 certified with Lev.1 knuckles protectors
  • Palm padding
  • Back of hand padding
  • Side of hand padding

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Sizing Information

We find Spidi gloves to fit similar to other European brands like Dainese, Alpinestars and REVIT, so if you know what size you wear in these brands, we advise you to choose the same size as you’ve worn before.

This particular model runs more true to an American size, so there is no need to size up because it is a European brand. FYI, the Alu-Pro glove from 2019 ran smaller than expected so Spidi must have fixed the fit issue for this 2020 model.

If you have no idea what size you wear, please see the following Spidi glove size chart and hand measurement instructions to help you choose a size.

Our Two Cents

The Alu-Pro Evo H2Out Gloves are new for 2020 and are an update from the 2019 (not Evo) version. This new version has a revised fit which is more true to a US glove size. Also the armor on the back of the hand is updated. This glove includes a waterproof liner and insulation so it will do well in cooler and/or wet weather.

The molded plastic protector over the knuckle has a grid pattern to it which matches Spidi’s “warrior” line of other armor products. I think it looks sharp without being to “sport” looking. The back of the hand is all textile material which is practical for wet weather use. The palm side is leather with man-made suede overlays. In the heel area of the palm, there is a good size and firm protection pad built in which feels nice. The index finger is conductive so you can operate your cell phone.

This glove is equipped with Spridi’s H2Out waterproof liner so you can use this glove in wet weather without them soaking through. The gloves have a medium weight insulation liner so these will be good for mild to cold weather use. They won’t be comfortable in hot weather though.

The gloves have a longer gauntlet and the cuff opening is adjustable with Velcro so you can make them work under and jacket sleeve or over a more trim jacket cuff like a sport/race jacket (but they aren’t big enough to go over a larger jacket cuff).

The knuckles have a hard plastic protector, but it is covered in textile material so the styling is more street oriented. The heel of the hand is lightly padded and has an extra layer of material. :: Paul, 04-21-20