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Oxford Calgary Gloves (XL or XXL Only)

Predominantly leather on the back of this quality Stealth Black glove giving a hard wearing and comfortable glove for all riding disciplines. Accordion panels on the wrist and first two fingers give flexibility. Oxford branded wrist strap and generous cuff closure. *


  • Waterproof
  • Full leather palm
  • Press stud fastening
  • Accordian stretch panels

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Sizing Information

Most Oxford gloves are are consistent with the major US brands such as Tour Master and Joe Rocket, but this glove runs a bit more snug. It fits more like European gloves that fit a bit more snug such as REVIT, Dainese and Alpinestars. I think it runs a bit snug due to the insulation in the glove. I’d advise you to buy the size you normally wear, but if you ever tend to wear the next bigger size, go with that.

If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Oxford publishes a “template” you can print to choose a glove size by comparing your hand to a printed image. Click here to view/print.

We checked our own sizing advice based on a hand measurement to Oxfords printed template and found the measuring method to be most accurate.

Our Two Cents

The Oxford Calgary glove is a mostly-leather insulated and waterproof glove for cool to colder weather use.

This Calgary glove is a LOT like the Toronto glove. It has a bit more leather used on the back of the hand and the insulation thickness seems a bit greater, so I think this glove would work in colder temps as compared to the Toronto.

The cuff on this glove is long enough to go over a low profile jacket sleeve end (like a sport leather jacket) and of course, could be worn under too. The cuff isn’t as long as with most winter gloves which may be welcome for those that don’t like the extra bulk, and it’s also handy for those that plan on wearing the glove cuff under their sleeve.

The insulation in this glove is of moderate thickness. The palm side is leather and the back of the hand is about half leather and half textile. Protection consists of a hard knuckle protector on the back of the hand and some dense foam padding in the heel of the hand. This glove can be fastened on the hand a bit more securely than most winter gloves since it has a dedicated strap for that purpose on the wrist. And then there is the Velcro at the cuff which you can adjust independently. The Velcro closure does a reasonable job of holding the glove on your hand which is a good feature in case of a fall. :: Paul, 08-07-19