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Held Madoc Gore-Tex Gloves

  • Certified under norm EN 13594:2015 “protected glove for motorcyclists”
  • Reflective sections
  • Leather covered hard plastic knuckle protection
  • Knuckle protection tested (impact test for knuckle protection)
  • Special foam-backed hard shell knuckle protectors
  • Reinforced edge of hand
  • Teramid® protection at ball of thumb
  • Visor wiper
  • Knitted cuff
  • Special leather at finger which allows smartphone operation
  • Velcro adjustment at wrists
  • GORE-TEX® membrane
  • Lightweight lining
Outer Shell
  • Goatskin palm
  • Stretch fabric leather detailed back

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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in glove sizes rather than the normal “alpha” sizes you are used to in the US. For complete information on selection and fit of Held gloves please go here: Held Glove Sizing

We find Held gloves to be very consistent for fit from one model to the next and this particular glove model is no exception. Choose the size you wear in Held, or use the sizing advice above to choose.

Our Two Cents

The Madoc Gore-Tex Gloves by Held is a variant on the Madoc Max gloves. This version offers a short cuff with a wind blocking wrist cuff. This arrangement will work well with larger jacket sleeves that will slide over the knit cuff (not snug race jacket sleeves). Both Madoc variants are leather/textile uninsulated waterproof gloves that will work very well in moderate temperatures and wet weather. The glove features a Gore-Tex lining to make them waterproof and basic safety features too.

Many people will like a lighter weight and shorter glove like this because of its ease of use with your jacket sleeve (as I mentioned) and also to keep out the wind. They’ll also work well off the bike too as the styling is not so sporty. This model is fitted with a Gore-Tex waterproof liner to keep your hands dry in wet weather and a visor wiper is built-in on the left index finger to help you clear your shield.

The protection package here is suitable for the street and the basics are here: a molded knuckle armor piece, a Velcro wrist strap to secure the gloves on. There is a dense foam pad in the heel area of the hand. The leather in the palm area is goatskin which should do well in case of a fall, and they feel great too.

Overall, this is a very nice glove with a lot of good basic features, however, I do have one gripe. Many knit cuff gloves like this will have a flap/patch of leather or other sturdy material over the knit material on the underside of the wrist to grasp when you pull them on. This one doesn’t have that feature, so you’ll have to be gentle when you pull on the cuff as not to tear the seams. :: Paul, 02-11-21

Note: We are pleased to offer Held gloves in the US again beginning late 2020. Held is a manufacturer of a full line of motorcycle apparel which is based in Germany. We’ve sold held gloves on and off for more than a decade. Held gloves are top quality and are made with VERY high quality materials. We find the gloves to offer a consistent fit which brand loyal fans enjoy. Held returns to the US market after exiting in 2019 due to distribution issues. Welcome back Held!

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