AGV Sport Rivet Gloves ::

AGV Sport Rivet Gloves (SM Only)

  • Genuine cowhide leather palm
  • Digital Amara reinforcement on palm and thumb areas
  • Protectors on palm for added safety
  • Ventilation holes on palm and fingers
  • Titanium mold tips on fingers
  • Superfabric used on little finger and thumb
  • Titanium knuckle mold for added safety
  • Leather gathering under knuckle for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Strap on cuff for better wrist grip
  • Polyester lining for comfort

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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major American based brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, Joe Rocket, etc, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

In trying on the XL, if anything, I thought the gloves were roomy. Certainly not so much I’d advise you to buy a size smaller, but if you are between sizes and are forced to choose, I’d advise to go smaller.

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Our Two Cents

These new AGV Sport Rivet gloves have a “sister” product that I reviewed a couple weeks ago. The Rivet glove is the short cuff version of the Echelon Glove, which is the full gauntlet race version. So given the similarity, I’m going to borrow some of the commentary I wrote on the Echelon:

Wow… these gloves are just laden with metal parts! These remind me of a more high-tech version of the old Icon TiMax gloves of many years ago. The glove incorporates a lot of good features for sport riding and of course all the metal armor pieces too. The styling is the overwhelming feature here, but let me hit on a few of the practical aspects.

The features of note that I see here are: Boxed fingers (meaning with seams on the outside rather than inside), which make a glove comfortable to wear without much breaking in; the knuckle armor pieces are a combination of rubber and metal which feel very robust… and the knuckle armor “floats” meaning it is not attached on the back side which means you can make a fist easily since the armor floats on top of your knuckle. I see the pinkie/ring finger bridge which I “thought” was an exclusive of Alpinestars… it is designed to tie the very easily damaged pinkie to the ring finger for reinforcement if you fall. I see some perforated leather used around the perimeter of the fingers which should help this glove breathe; and I see some high abrasion resistant pads in the palm and on the sides of the pinkie that would wear well in a fall, and would allow the glove to slide better on the pavement. Overall, this glove feels pretty substantial and the materials feel nice.

This short cuff version pulls on and off the hand easily and you can adjust the tightness of the part that extends past the wrist with the Velcro tab. Note that this glove does not have an all-around wrist strap to keep the gloves on your hand like many race/gauntlet gloves do. Most short cuff gloves don’t but since we are comparing to the sister product, it is an important difference (besides not having the full gauntlet of course).

If you like the blingy styling here, then I think you’ll like the glove too. It seems comfortable and well made and the price is VERY reasonable for what I’m seeing here. :: Paul, 04-27-16

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