Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Textile Gloves ::

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Textile Gloves (Small Or 3XL Only)

  • Comfort stretch fabric and goatskin palm construction with a Rainguard® waterproof and breathable barrier
  • Clarino® palm panel resists glove wear
  • 40g Thinsulate in the palm for better feel and dexterity and 100g polyfill in the top of the glove for added warmth
  • Lightweight and flexible steel fiber heating elements provide instant and even heat
  • A dual or single rheostat is available and easily and accurately adjusts through a range of temperatures (single rheostat controller included)
  • A temperature sensor regulates the max and minimum temperatures and provides a constant temperature
  • Soft Bemberg interior lining
  • Action expansion panels help fine-tune the fit and increase comfort
  • Designed to be worn individually or connected to other Synergy® 2.0 garments
  • 360° full circumference wrist closure

Note: Synergy® 2.0 gloves include the Power Lead Wiring Harness, Single Control Rheostat and an extended V-Split Connector (required when using Synergy® gloves with Synergy® Pant or Vest liners)

Technical Product Information (pdf format):
Synergy Owners Manual
Synergy Power Usage Specs

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Sizing Information

The fit of this model is consistent with the major brands we carry so choose the size you normally wear. If you have no previous experience at all with glove sizing, go here for help

Our Two Cents

The new Synergy 2.0 textile just became available and I have a pair here for review. Unlike the leather Synergy 2.0 gloves, these fit just fine. These gloves have been a “long time coming” and we are excited to have some available. There are a lot of owners of Synergy jackets and vests, and I bet they’ll be excited to add the gloves. These gloves look like they are seriously suited for the cold weather! The outside of the glove is a combination of textile and leather. The leather is used in the palm to provide a bit more abrasion protection and to add a bit of “tactile feel” for the controls (the textile material would be too slippery). The gloves have a substantial gauntlet with a Velcro adjuster so you can fine tune the fit over jacket sleeves. Also, there is a larger internal gator with an elastic draw cord to keep out the elements. There is also an integral visor wiper on the left thumb which might come in handy. Only light padding is added over the knuckle area for impact protection. If you need or want more, then check out the leather glove version. While we are comparing leather and textile, I’ll say that this glove is noticeably lighter than the leather counterpart and the overall bulk is lower so you could expect to wad these up for storage in a pocket pretty easily. The package comes with the connectors and such to allow you to wear the gloves plugged into the Synergy vest or jacket liner, or you can wear them using the rheostat all by themselves (not with other Synergy products). We are showing the package contents in our photo gallery, so click the “View Larger Images” link above. :: Paul, 11-08-12

Note: We’d appreciate a “happy customer” testimonial from some winter riders saying how these work. Your intrepid reporter lives in a desert, so there will be no evaluation of actual heating performance here (sorry). P

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