REVIT Mission Shoes ::

REVIT Mission Shoes (EU 39 - 41, US 6 - 7.5 Only)


Outer shell
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
  • Injected ankle cup
  • Thermoformed toecap
  • Thermoformed heel cup
  • 78% TPU, 22% Polyester, (Thermoplastic polyurethane)


  • Tight fit
  • Perforation on tongue
  • Extra pair of laces in different color
  • Rubber gear shift pad
  • OrthoLite® Insole X40™ foam
  • Hook and loop ankle closure strap
  • Reinforced side panel

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Sizing Information

Below is the size chart published by REVIT for these shoes. REVIT has changed their US conversion chart a few times in the last several years, so this one may differ from previous charts you’ve seen. We compared this chart to other EU-US charts from popular brands such as Sidi and it tracks pretty well.

Most people with experience buying shoes and boots sold in EU sizes will choose the same EU size as before. You can also choose an EU size based upon your experience buying US sized shoes and boots using the conversion chart. In trying on the shoes in our offices, we thought the larger size shoes ran a little longer than the chart suggests, so if you are between sizes choose the smaller. Example: If you are normally an 11 US, you are between a 45 and 46 and we’d suggest trying the 45. In the smaller size ranges, we think the chart is more accurate.

As to width, we find these boots are quite normal, I’d say D width, or “medium”.

EU Size US Conversion
from REV’IT!
39 6
40 7
41 7.5
42 8.5
43 9.5
44 10
45 10.5
46 11.5
47 12

Our Two Cents

REVIT Mission shoes are a new sport riding style for 2020. These shoes have many characteristics of sport riding boots but in a shorter lace-up shoe style.

I find this Mission to be similar to several styles from Alpinestars such as the Faster 3 series. Like those, these boots are cut more like race boots than ordinary sneakers. The sides of the soles are rounded under rather than having a wide flat profile. And the bottoms of the soles are made with a more flat tread style as you see on race boots. Also, the overall stiffness here is greater than most ordinary riding shoes.

The ankle area of this boot is surprisingly sturdy feeling. The area around the ankle bones is well padding and discs of armor material are embedded inside. The area around the heel area is reinforced very well too. The toe box area is less stiff, but there is an extra layer of material over the big toe knuckle where the shifter will hit. I like how the eyes for the laces are recessed and there is an extra strap that goes over the tied laces to keep those out of the machinery.

The tongue of the boot has some perforations to allow some airflow, but the rest of the boot is made solid, so this boot should work well in most temperatures from cool to very warm. They may get toasty in very hot temps though.

The pricing on this boot seems very reasonable and overall, I’d say this shoe is more robust in construction than the Alpinestars offerings. I like them.

REVIT says: The Mission shoes answer the demand for those who love to ride and to race. These shoes are a hybrid between comfortable sneakers and protective motorcycle boots; delivering the best of both worlds. A thermoformed heel and toe cup are paired with an injected ankle cup to ensure the safety requirements are met, while its OrthoLite® insoles allow for comfort when riding on the streets or walking on the sidewalks. The Mission’s round lace closure is backed up by a hook-and-loop operated closure strap, and thanks to ventilation at the tongue of the shoes, you’ll be kept cool during summer rides.