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Oxford Montreal 3.0 Pants (XL, 3XL - 5XL, Or LS Only)

  • Full waterproof Reissa membrane throughout
  • Double-layered waterproofing in seat, crotch and knee
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Storm flap system on waist and leg closures
  • Water-resistant leg pockets
  • Water-resistant zips on all air vents
  • Lock-open cooling air vents
  • Knee and waist stretch panels
  • Nylon knee reinforcement fabric
  • CE certified knee armor
  • Calf adjustment aids in securing knee armor position
  • Exterior hip padding with interior pockets for hip armor (sold separately)
  • Grip panels in the seat
  • Large adjustment panel on lower leg to facilitate different boot styles
  • Heat-resistant inner leg panels
  • Raised rear cuff hem
  • Removable suspenders
  • Reflective detailing
  • Reinforced crotch seam with panel overlay to improve strength and durability
  • Connecting zip is compatible with all Oxford jackets

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these pants and found the basic waist and inseam measurements offered by Oxford’s sizing chart to be accurate. Please refer to the “natural waist” listing in chart called Men’s Measurement guide.

Chose a pant size using Oxford’s chart that will be big enough for your waist and which approximates the inseam. Keep in mind that most jeans are “vanity” sized, meaning they measure out 1” or 2” larger than the stated sized. If you only know your jean’s size and don’t know your actual waist size, then I’d suggest you measure using our guide below. These pants aren’t cut particularly high so they’ll ride just below your belly button like regular jeans. These pants include an adjustable webbed belt which fits on the pants like a regular belt. You’ll be able to snug the pants down to get a comfortable fit.

When in doubt on the inseam, I’d suggest the longer since pants tend to ride up on your legs in the riding position. The knee armor in these pants is highly adjustable with Velcro so you’ll be able to put it into a position that hits your knee properly.

The leg ends are quite large much like other “adventure” riding pants so they will accommodate larger boot tops. They snug down some.. maybe a couple inches. If you only wear riding shoes, they won’t snug up a great deal, so you might not like the fit. Boots are recommend with this style.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Oxford Montreal 3.0 Pants are a full featured adventure/touring pant with features for cold and/or wet weather use. Armor is included for the knees, and hip armor is available. A thermal removable liner is also included.

Most top manufacturers like REVIT and Klim make a pant similar to this one. It has features those who do adventure riding look for, such as wide legs with size adjustment, grip material on the insides of the legs. The colors and styling are along the same lines as others too.

This pant has a solid textile shell with a permanent waterproof liner behind the shell. The waterproof liner should work well to keep you dry in wet weather. The permanent waterproof liner means that this pant won’t be a good choice for warm or hot weather though. The pants do have two small thigh zip vents to admit air, but they are relatively small and the inside liner is not constructed with a pass though for the air, so the air will only get past the outer shell, but won’t get past the inner liner. I think those vents will work pretty good in case of a rain to dry out the shell faster, but as vents for your body, they aren’t going to do a lot. I think these pants will work well for mild to cold weather and wet weather, perhaps three seasons.

Speaking of cold weather, these pants come with a removable thermal liner that covers the upper parts of the pants and extends down to about the knees. Presumably you’ll be wearing boots, so having the thermal liner stop short is really a nice idea (most are full length is why I comment on it).

Suspenders as standard! A heavy pant like this won’t stay up on your waist easily unless you really snug down the waist. And who wants to be squeezed by a belt all day, right? A nice set of removable suspenders is provided as standard. The shoulder straps are highly adjustable and stretch so they’ll be comfortable. And the suspenders in back have a tall fabric extension to overlap with the jacket too keep drafts and water out of/off of your back side. There is a short rear zip connector to zip to Oxford jacket behind the suspender so you can use the suspender even with the jacket connection zipper; two handy hand warmer pockets are located up top like jeans.

Here are some small things I like: you get a heavy duty belt that adjusts infinitely to get a good size; the waist closure hardware is heavy duty with a hook AND a snap, both metal; the side cargo pockets close with Velcro and fold over to keep water out; the knee armor has a nice long Velcro strip to hold it in position and will adjust a long way up, down or even sideways to some extent; The textile materials in this pant feel nice and of top quality. Here are a few nitpicks: the Velcro adjustment at the leg end is small and doesn’t have a lot of range for adjustment of the fit around a boot; the “grip” material inside the legs is a synthetic material (rather than leather used in high end pants). It looks kind of like my rubberized bed liner, but it is plenty flexible and feels durable, so it’s really fine, but just looks a bit different; armor is basic and no CE level 2 armor is available.

Overall, these are REALLY nice pant for the money. You’ll see pants of higher quality from REVIT or Klim, but they are in a whole different ball park price-wise. :: Paul, 07-08-19

Oxford says: Award winning Montreal pant gets an upgrade. Oxford Rainseal Tech provides all of the waterproofing on this new pant and features a waterproof, breathable Reissa membrane throughout, a double layered waterproofing in the seat, crotch and knee. It also has new Nylon knee protection making it more durable.

There is a storm flap system on the waist and leg closures and it has a new calf adjuster to improve fit and makes the knee armour, which is included, more secure. Water-resistant pockets are provided on the lower leg and all of the air vents feature water resistant zips. Cooling is delivered by a system of lock-open air vents.

Extra comfort is assured by stretch panels (knee and waist) which are improved and reinforced at the crotch seam, with panel overlay to improve strength and durability. The pants also have exterior hip padding and grip panels in the seat for security. Large adjustment panel are found on the lower leg to facilitate different boot styles.

Heat resistant inner leg panels avoid damage from engine or exhaust heat. The rear hem is raised to avoid damage from the boot heel. The Montreal pant comes with a removable and adjustable belt and has removable braces too. Lots of printed reflective detailing for improved visibility at night.

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