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Highway 21 Gasser Jacket

The Gasser jacket was inspired by the days of pure adrenaline, the era when riders lived for weekend races. Whether racing board track, dirt track, or road circuits, they all shared one common goal; striving to be the best and accepting their fate while doing so. Riding in today’s world has changed, and so has technology. If you’re looking for a vintage jacket that takes you back in the past but protects your future, look no further.


  • Premium 100% genuine leather
  • Removable Hydraguard thermal liner
  • Removable CE armor in shoulder and elbows
  • Perforated expandable side panels
  • Napoleon pocket and device pocket
  • Concealed carry pocket
  • Snap lock button collar
  • Black reflective piping
  • Intake vents
  • Exhaust vents

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these jackets with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size jackets with a tape. We feel this model runs true to size. The jackets are sold in ordinary “alpha” sizes, so you can choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

For those that want to check the size based upon their chest measurement, we put together the chart below. This chart shows the chest size ranges for each jacket and max belly. Note: This jacket has the unique feature of waist expansion zippers. When the side waist zips are open, it adds 5” to the belly area of the jacket! This will be IDEAL for those with a belly but with the zips closed, it fits “normally” so those without a belly can get a good fit too. I listed the max belly with the zips closed and then in parenthesis, I list the max belly with the zips open.

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
with zips closed
Max Belly
with expander zips open
Small 40 38 43
Medium 42 40 45
Large 44 42 47
XL 46 44 49
XXL 49 47 52
XXXL 52 50 55
XXXXL 56 54 59

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Gasser jacket by Highway 21 is a nicely style “retro” leather jacket. It has a number of nice features including a highly adjustable waist and an internal gun pocket.

The leather used in this jacket is thick, but soft and shouldn’t be a big deal to break in. The thickness of the leather will give the abrasion protection you need on the bike in case you fall, and it will also be welcome when the temps dive in the fall and spring. We have here both a black jacket and the brown. I personally thing the brown looks great with the styling details that make it look “retro” like the quilted pattern on the shoulders and elbows. A leather jacket like this can run anywhere from about $250 to well over $600 in the premium brands. This jackets leather quality looks about right for the price range (middle range).

There are a few features of this jacket that are unique and worth an extra mention: The sleeve end zippers have two way pulls so that you can zip down from the elbows end and create a functional zippered vent. The main zipper is the same kind… you can zip the main zipper up from the bottom so that you can open up the lower few ends of the zipper if you want a little more room when in the sitting position. The jacket is also highly adjustable in the belly region too with long side expansion zippers (see my sizing advice above). You’ll notice two rather larger expansion panels behind the sleeves. Those will let you reach forward for the bars more easily.

The jacket comes with some zippered vents for use in warmer weather (have a look through our pics to see those), and it also comes with a full sleeve liner to add some windblock and insulation in colder temps. With all these features, I’d say this one will work great in cool to warm temps… most everything except very cold or very hot times of year. Being leather, of course it isn’t a waterproof design so you’ll want to look for a good rain jacket is you might run into weather. :: Paul, 02-22-18