Alpinestars Missile Ignition Airflow Leather Jacket ::

Alpinestars Missile Ignition Airflow Leather Jacket



  • CE-certified to CE Category II, PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
  • Tech-Air ® compatible.
  • Premium leather main chassis constructed from 1.3mm genuine bovine leather.
  • Large accordion stretch panels help movement and comfort on the bike.
  • HRSF stretch fabric panels on sleeves, crotch further improve fit and feel.
  • Ergonomic back hump, sculpted for better airflow and performance at high speed.
  • Two zippered hand pockets.
  • Pre-curved sleeve construction.
  • Large perforated leather panels with reinforced stitching. for maximum ventilation.
  • Localized perforations highly improve ventilation.
  • Stitched leather graphic details.
  • Integrated padding for increased comfort and protection.
  • Chest pad compartments for Alpinestars Nucleon chest pads, available as accessory upgrade.
  • Fixed mesh inner liner for improved rider comfort.
  • Inner waterproof wallet pocket.
  • Adjustable snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE-certified Alpinestars Nucleon back protector.
  • Comfort fabric on collar.
  • CE-certified Alpinestars GP-R protectors on shoulders and elbows.
  • Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) external dual density TPU sliders on shoulders and elbows.

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Sizing Information

Alpinestars race fit jackets fit very snug and are meant to fit skin tight. Most people will be able to wear the size they normally wear in men’s clothing, but because of the very close fit, we recommend you measure your chest and belly and also consider whether you will be adding full back/chest/tech air vest armor to the jacket since those take up some room.

In the chart below, we list the Euro sizes offered along with the chest estimate. In the first column we list what max chest is listed in the Alpinestar’s standard size chart, which, by the way is accurate for most street jackets. And then we’ve listed our estimate of max chest for this race fit jacket, which is about one inch smaller across the size range (so about 1/2 size smaller than normal).

Optional armor and fit: This jacket has provisions for optional back and chest armor OR the Tech Air air bag system. If you opt for either one, you’ll have to add about 2” to your chest measurement before choosing a size from the chart.

Measure your chest and belly, add 2” to your chest to account for adding armor or the air bag and then choose a size jacket from the chart that is big enough for both your chest and belly. This jacket has adjusters on the side of the torso to snug down the belly/waist area if you are smaller than the jacket.

Euro Size Normal Max Chest Our Estimate of
Max Chest Size (inches)
Our Estimate of
Max Belly Size (inches)
48 38 37 34
50 40 39 36
52 42 41 38
54 44 43 40
56 46 45 42
58 48 47 44
60 50 49 46

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Missile Ignition Airflow Leather Jacket is a race leather jacket with a TON of features. This jacket has the full host of features to add race-ready armor and it is also Tech-Air compatible (ready for Alpinestars air bag system).

The Missile Ignition is a race cut jacket with nearly very race oriented features available from Alpinestars. It includes armor fitted into the shoulders and elbows, but also has hard plastic impact sliders on the shoulders and elbows. This jacket has a full leather chassis with panels of perforated leather on the front chest. Also, this jacket has a racing hump on the back, which is a feature found on almost all serious road racing jackets and suits. It adds some aerodynamic benefits but also is a safety feature to provide a bridge between the back of your helmet and your back and shoulders to help prevent neck injuries in a crash.

You can wear this jacket without race pants or you can pair the jacket with one of Alpinestars race pant options. There is a full-around zipper in the back of the jacket to make the connection. With race pants attached, you’ll have a 2pc race suit.

What makes this jacket new and different from previous race jacket is in the options for armor available to you. It’s a rather long subject, so here it goes….

About the armor options for this jacket: This jacket is one of about a dozen models by Alpinestars that is Tech-Air compatible. That means the jacket has some pre-installed wiring harnesses and has extra stretch panels built into its shell to accommodate Alpinestar’s optional airbag system. To say it is “compatible” means you can add the air bag system in the future if you like. The airbag system is a relatively new product for Alpinestars and things are changing as they continue to develop the product. The Tech Air system is a VERY SIGNIFICANT investment… currently around $1200. As of this writing, we are not a dealer for their airbag system, and the system’s availability is very limited.

Aside for the option of adding an airbag vest in the future, this jacket has all the same armor system features of any of the Alpinestars race jackets. That means you can buy this jacket now, and fit it with a chest protector one of the back protector options and use it now and it will function as well as any of the non-Tech-Air compatible jackets. In the future, should you choose to explore buying an airbag vest, your jacket will be ready. The airbag system would be used in place of the optional chest protectors and back protector. The shoulder and elbow armor that is standard here would be used whether use conventional armor or the Tech-Air bag vest.

This jacket is set up to add any one of three back protector options that fit into a fabric pocket in the back of this jacket. We have listed those three options below. For a race jacket like this, I’d steer you toward the Nucleon KR-1i unit because it is the most robust of the three and offers the highest level of protection of the three. Chest armor can and should be added also. One option is available and is also listed below. You can also buy one of about 8 different “worn on the body” type back protectors to use instead of the types that fit into the fabric pocket. Those add an extra step for you to get outfitted into the jacket each ride, so you’ll want to put in the extra effort to get a more elaborate back protector. Have a look at those options here. All these back protectors have a small snap at the top/back that affixes to the jacket with a corresponding snap located inside the jacket just below the collar. The snap in the jacket is adjustable for location to get the right fit. And then the back protector affixes to your body with a waist belt and/or shoulder straps. The two units that would work best inside a jacket like this are the Nucleon KR-R and the KR-R Cell.

If you plan to wear this jacket on the street, you’ll probably want to buy one of the back protectors that fit into the jacket. The only circumstance where you want to consider one of the “worn on the body” units is if you plan to pair this jacket with matching sport leather pants and run on a track. For wearing on the street, the more elaborate back protectors might extend lower than the back tail of the jacket and would also be a lot of trouble to use frequently (like daily on the street).

Alpinestars sport/race gear offers the most highly engineered options for street and race riders. This jacket is currently just one model under their “best” jacket of this type, the GP Tech V2, but it includes most of the major safety features. :: Paul, 10-18-19

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