Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket ::

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket

  • Cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell torso, back and arms
  • Two stage waterproof (full sleeve) and insulated zip out (vest) liners
  • Externally accessible C.E. approved armor in shoulders and elbows
  • Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • 6-point Sure Fit™ adjustment system (adjustable sleeves & waist)
  • 8” zipper plus 2 belt loops for jacket to pant attachment
  • INNOLITE® Ultra Reflective shoulders
  • 360˚ reflective stripes & logos
  • Smartphone audio ready pocket
  • 2 hand pockets
  • Large padded lower back storage pocket
  • Clip for key storage
  • Inside micro-liner eyeglass pocket
  • Full Flex™ articulated back expansion panels
  • DYNAX™ reinforced at the upper back, ribs and forearms

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Sizing Information

The overall fit of this jacket is very “standard”. We checked some sizes against Joe Rocket’s size chart and found the estimated chest sizes to be accurate. We also tried on a Medium and XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey and they look great (view those shots by taking the View Larger Images link above). Therefore, I recommend you choose the size jacket you normally wear in men’s clothing. You can use the chart to choose if you know your chest size.

This jacket has a wide range of adjustment through the mid-section. There are two side adjusters that work well. In their wide-open position, they will allow for a roomy belly, but they can also be snugged up by several inches for flat bellies. You can see in our fit check pictures, we’ve snugged them in almost to the max to get a good fit on our standard size mannequins. I checked the size XL on this and with the adjusters fully open, the max belly was about 46” and fully adjusted in, it was about 38”. So really this jacket can be made to work for just about any body type, and I’d suggest choosing almost solely on your chest size and the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

If you are tall and often buy tall size jackets, you are in luck here, as long as you can live with Silver or Black. Tall sizes in those two colors are about 1 1/2” taller in the sleeves and torso than standard sizes.

I’ve been very pleased with the consistency of fit in Joe Rocket jackets from one model to the next. For those that have owned a Joe Rocket jacket in the past, it makes it a little easier to purchase a new one knowing what size they owned before.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

I’ve got the new Phoenix Ion jacket in front of me here for review and I’m really liking it! I recently bought a new bike and was contemplating what jacket to get for myself for the summer and I think I’ll try one of these.

I credit Joe Rocket for the invention of the mesh jacket back in 2002. Just for fun, here is a screen shot of our OLD site showing an original Phoenix. Notice how little the prices of jackets has gone up!

Anyway, this new “Ion” version is offered alongside the Phoenix 5.0 which has been around for several years. The Ion is updated in several ways in addition to just overall styling. The basic mesh-textile construction scheme remains and is similar to the Phoenix. It’s really a FULL mesh jacket but with some reinforcements in the critical areas… shoulders, elbows, forearms and rib cage. But even with those reinforcements, the air flow will be tremendous and you’ll feel comfortable with this jacket in the hottest of weather. This jacket (like the Phoenix 5.0) is equipped with a windproof/waterproof liner that will help you on cool mornings or if you get caught in a shower. A liner like this will make the jacket usable in lower temps as well as the super hot days. Although Joe Rocket doesn’t say so, or advertise it as such, the liner could also be used as a slight windbreaker for off the bike as well. Not that you’d want it for daily use, but it is just a suggestion in case you were on a trip and needing to pack light. The liner, if used off the bike, might save you packing one extra thing. The liner does have a couple snaps that show on the outside, but if you aren’t a fashionista, you’ll be fine with those :)

This Ion version adds a couple new things… the liner I’ve mentioned above comes with its own removable thermal vest. So that vest, along with the liner will help even more to keep you warmer on cool mornings/days, etc.

The jacket has a couple pretty neat storage features. There is an external pocket on the front chest you can use for anything you like, but the intention is for a cell phone for music or other communication and easy access. There is a grommet to run your headphone lead through too. The pocket is lined with a soft neoprene material to protect your phone too (but it’s not waterproof!). Also, instead of the typical breast pocket, there is a more shallow and slightly longer breast pocket that is similarly lined with soft material which is intended for eyeglasses. And finally, on the rear, there is a medium sized fanny pouch.

One new and surprising feature is the extreme reflectivity here. The shoulders and elbows are covered in a fabric that has a BUNCH of stitched in points of reflective material. And there’s more… just take the “View Larger Images” link above to see what all this looks like at night.

The armor included is the usual CE shoulder and elbow pieces and the back pad is a dual density foam. Joe Rocket says they have an optional CE back pad, but as of this writing, one is not available. We will update this page with a Related Accessory when that becomes available.

Overall, I really like the new styling and the new features. The jacket feels like more of a jacket than most mesh styles… it’s got some “heft” but at the same time, the mesh material will give almost complete unrestricted air flow and therefore, as a summer jacket, this one has it all… good protection, but summer comfort. And the new cell phone pocket, eyeglasses pocket and dual removable liners add some creature comforts to a previously proven style. :: Paul, 03-30-15

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Sarang Urdhwareshe
Location: India, Pune

I love the Phoenix ion jacket. Writing this after my first ride today morning. 1. (Read more...)

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