Tour Master Synergy 7.4 Battery Heated Jacket for Women ::

Tour Master Synergy 7.4 Battery Heated Jacket for Women

  • New four-level push button 7.4v design
  • Wind-Shark® soft, breathable, and treated waterproof fabric shell construction
  • Microfiber lined collar, arms, and body of jacket
  • ESO™ locking front zipper, front hand pockets, inside storage pocket
  • Shock cord waist adjustment
  • Lycra cuffs for comfortable and secure fit
  • Three 6.5” x 2.5” heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements
  • Optimum placement of heating panels, with two on the chest and one on the back
  • Battery life ranges from 2.5 hours on high to 10 hours on low temperature setting
  • Surface temperature ranges of 135º/100%, 120º/75%, 105º/50%, 90º/25%
  • Includes one 7.4v 2.0Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and dual charger (packaged separately)

Click here for the Tour Master Synergy 7.4v User Guide
Click here for Operating Instructions

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on the 7.4 gear from Tour Master and found it to run true to the sizing chart listed below which we find to be consistent with most women’s clothing styles. Please use that chart to choose by your measured size or just order the size you normally wear in women’s clothing.

The fit is consistent with what you’d expect from a jacket that was meant to be worn UNDER protective apparel…. the fit was trim. If you are between sizes, then I’d advise choosing the larger.

Keep in mind that you want to wear this heated jacket over a light shirt only, and not OVER other garments because wearing it over other garments will hinder the transfer of heat to your body. If you wear this along with other winter clothing for casual use, you’ll want to wear it UNDER an overcoat, so don’t buy it too large.

Alpha Size Chest Waist
XS 32-34 28 24
Small 34-36 30
Medium 36-38 32
Large 38-40 34
XL 40-42 36 Plus Small 38-42 40
Plus Medium 42-46 42
Plus Large 46-50 44

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Synergy 7.2 gear from Tour Master was just recently released. The lineup includes jackets, vests and gloves for both men and women. These products are all powered by rechargeable batteries. Tour Master has some good experience in designing and selling battery powered gear as they spent several seasons as the distributor for the Mobile Warming brand of gear. And now they have their own line!

The jackets and vests have identical setups for the battery powered electrics. Each jacket or vest has three heated pads built into the lining behind the wind proof and water repellent shell. Two of the pads are situated on the upper chest are and there is one across the back just above the shoulder blades. On “HI”, these pads heat up to about 135F and will put out full power for about 2hrs. Longer run times can be had on one of four lower power settings. The battery resides in one of the hand warmer pockets and the on/off and power setting is done with a push-button on the chest. The gear is easy to operate and instructions are included with each garment.

The tailoring of the jacket and vests is very nice. The shell is a traditional nylon water resistant material and the inside is a short pile fleecy material. The fleece lining will provide just a bit of thermal insulation, but these items aren’t insulated further. Off the bike, either the vest or jacket would work and look great.

The gloves work in much the same way and each glove is supplied with its own battery. The batter compartment on the glove is on the cuff of each glove. The heating elements on the glove run along the back of the fingers and down the side of each hand to the wrist. There is a line drawing to show the location of the heating elements on each product in the photo gallery.

Each jacket or vest carries one 2200MAH battery and each glove has its own 2000MAH. So you can see that each glove packs more heating capacity than a jacket or vests and that’s because the fingers need more help in keeping warm and they are completely exposed to the cold wind blast, where the jacket or vest will be worn as an undergarment and will shielded by your outerwear. Each jacket or vest comes with a single pigtail charger and each pair of gloves comes with a double pigtail charger (so you can charge both glove batteries at the same time).

How does battery powered gear compared to heated gear that is wired into you bike? Well, in terms of raw heating power, it doesn’t stack up to the wired gear for obvious reasons. Many people characterize it as being able to “maintain” your core temperature with the right outer-garments, but its not something that will “warm you up” and/or keep you warm for a long period of time in cold weather. But the battery powered gear does offer some things that wired gear can’t such as: you don’t have to wire it into the bike, you can wear the gear for uses other than riding the motorcycle such as other sports or outdoor activities… sitting through a cold football game on Friday night comes to mind; and the battery powered gear is just quicker and easier to use than the wired stuff… just turn it one and go. It will be great for short rides to “maintain” your body heat. And you’ll get more of your money’s worth out of it if you can use it for other things. :: Paul, 01-03-17

A few notes of caution: Please heed the advice in the instructions about keeping the batteries charged over long periods of time when they aren’t used… if they sit without a charge they’ll loose their ability to hold a charge and that is not covered by warranty. The jacket, vest and gloves mention waterproofing materials being used in them, which is great, but be advised that the instructions warn against getting the batteries and wiring wet and the compartments where the batteries reside are not waterproof. This won’t be much of an issue for the jackets or vest because you’ll be wearing them under your protective riding gear, which I would hope is waterproof if you are riding in the rain. The glove however should not be powered up if you are in the rain.

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