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Icon Hypersport GP Hi Vis Gloves

  • French cowhide and kangaroo leather chassis
  • Floating knuckle with D3O underlay
  • TPU and titanium plates
  • TPU finger plates
  • Wrap-around TPU wrist plate
  • Perforated ventilation panels
  • Articulated fingers
  • Out-seam finger construction
  • Hoop and loop wrist closures
  • Touchscreen Compatible We have found these gloves work with both Samsung and Apple phones however because of the box stitching on the fingers it is very difficult to use. You will have to press down hard in order to get it to work on an Apple. Samsung phones had fewer issues and were much easier to use. My advice would be if you own an Apple phone and are looking for a glove that is touchscreen compatible choose a different glove.

This product cannot be shipped to California due to the Kangaroo leather

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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major American based brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, Joe Rocket, etc, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

Icon’s new Hypersport GP glove is a new version of the Hypersport Pro Long glove from 2014. It’s a long cuff glove with many features found on top race gloves. It offers a style that could work at the track or on the street where Icon gear is most commonly used.

Icon gives a pretty good technical wrap-up of this glove in the summary below, so I won’t repeat all that, but rather I’ll tell you what I think from my in-person experience. I like how the gloves fit. They aren’t as finely tailored as race gloves from Alpinestars and REVIT, so it makes them a litter easier to get on and off. The palm area made of a single naked layer of kangaroo is VERY comfortable. It’s pliable and the leather is relatively thin so you can really feel the controls well. Kangaroo is widely regarded as the best leather for track gloves because of the feel and also it’s resistance to decay from sweat and body oils (yuck, right?).

On the heel of the palm area, are a couple rubber protectors. They feel pretty sturdy, but they are not a hard plastic slider like you see on many race gloves. The hard plastic is thought to promote sliding on the pavement which has less of tendency to “grab” the rough road surface and twist, and therefore be more likely to prevent injury. But on the other hand, I can see how the softer, more flexible armor in the palm of these gloves would be more comfortable and practical for street use.

The metal knuckle protectors sure give the Icon vibe which is popular with street riders. And the floating knuckle design is comfortable to make a fist. I’m not a racer, but I’m pretty sure the metal armor pieces really aren’t what you’d find on most racer’s gloves, but I’d imagine that these gloves would probably only show up on an amateur track, and you’d probably see all sorts of unusual protective gear.

The gloves have the positive Velcro closure strap at the wrist which is a basic requirement of any race glove. And the gauntlet is easy to use with the wide Velcro adjuster. The rubber armor piece on the cuff is hefty feeling, but flexible enough to use easily.

One thing to note… these gloves share the name “hypersport” with Hypersport Short gloves from Icon. The two are really nothing alike. This glove is so much more substantial and is made with real leather materials where the short glove is light duty non-leather materials. I just didn’t want you to think the two were comparable other than the length because they aren’t.

Overall, I like this glove and I think it is more than just a showpiece. And for what it is, the pricing seems quite reasonable. :: Paul, 03-28-19

Icon says: ICON is always searching for the upper hand; we’ve found it with the Hypersport glove. The materials and construction of the Hypersport GP glove have been purposely chosen for their innate abilities to provide this advantage. It all starts with a French cowhide and kangaroo chassis. The French cowhide backhand, supple & strong, provides excellent comfort and flexibility. The kangaroo palm, a hallmark of purpose-built track gloves, provides optimum abrasion resistance and dexterity. Additional panels of digital BattleHideTM goatskin are located in areas of high-wear from grips and the palm sliders are in case of a high-velocity asphalt encounter. The mechanical articulation panels, which run the length of each finger, provide excellent flexibility from the very first wear—no break-in period needed. Key construction techniques include ICON’s exclusive floating knuckle with D3O® underlay, which allows for maximum knuckle articulation, and an out-seamed finger box for all-day comfort. The Hypersport gloves feature full knuckle coverage from the vented TPU/Polycarbonate knuckle plates. The gauntlet also features large external TPU wrap-around coverage and perforated ventilation panels. Multiple hook & loop closures allow for a secure fit.