Fly Racing Brawler Closeout Gloves ::

Fly Racing Brawler Closeout Gloves


  • Vented knuckle armor
  • Perforated leather
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Palm and wrist impact foam

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Sizing Information

I found the fit of these gloves to be consistent with the major American based brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, Speed and Strength, etc, through the palm area. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

The fit of the fingers of th is model seemed more slim-fit than other gloves. If you have relatively slim or even normal hands/fingers then I think these will work fine. If you have thick fingers/hands, then this is probably not the gloves for you.

Our Two Cents

The Fly Racing Brawler glove is the most robust of Fly’s short cuff glove lineup. The glove is made of a combination of leather with panels of mesh on the side of the thumb and back of the hand. The level of crash protection is quite high and the gloves feel very sturdy and protective. They’ll be great for sport and street riders…. particularly those who like a glove that has more protection and that feel more like a race glove than a street glove.

The knuckles are covered by a molded rubber/plastic protector. Its mounted to the glove to be “free floating” meaning that the back side of the armor piece is not secured to the glove. That way, when you make a fist, the knuckle protector rides above your hand and doesn’t bind like it would if it were fully secured to the glove all the way around. Nearly all good sport gloves like this with hard armor are constructed this way.

Other notable protective features are the palm and wrist padding as well as small pads on the backs of the fingers. The fingers are sewn with the seams to the outside of the glove and most gloves styles like this are put together this way. Having the seams on the outside of the fingers makes for a more comfortable fit. A Velcro close wrist strap is included to secure the glove to your wrist. Parts of the glove are perforated and in addition to the mesh panels you can see in the photos, these gloves should breathe quite well. These are almost full leather gloves but with the perfs and mesh they should be comfortable in temps up to “very warm”. The gloves are lined with soft slippery nylon material, so they’ll be comfortable wear without much break-in. I think there is a lot of glove here for a relatively modest price and those who like a short cuff, but want the same protective feel as a race glove will like the design :: Paul, 09-29-17