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Icon 1000 Truant 2 Boots

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • D30® Ankle Inserts
  • Engineered Lasting Board
  • Leather Shifter Pad
  • CE Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13634:2015

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Sizing Information

These boots fit us just about right as compared to the stated size, so I’d advise you to buy the size you normally wear. I’d estimate the width as “D” or medium. The boots lace up, so there is a lot of adjustability for fit as long as the length is right.

Our Two Cents

The pictures of the Truant 2 boots by Icon give the impression of a boot where the upper has a work boot vide and soles are more like comfortable street shoes or sneakers. In trying them on, I can confirm the comfortable look translates into fit… they are comfortable. And relatively light weight too. If I were doing riding that meant I would be wearing these boots around for walking or even work, I’d be completely comfortable in these.

The soles are mid-thickness and while they aren’t as rugged as a lot of other boots, there is some rigidity in the instep area, so I think they’d be fine for everyday riders. I probably would recommend something more stiff though for riders who stand on the pegs much like adventure or off road riders as these probably wouldn’t hold up to that kind of duty.

The lower laces are recessed which is a positive for motorcycle boots. laces being “hidden” reduces the chances of a lace being severed if you get a crash, however, I the top two eyelets are “speed laces” and the lace tie is exposed so there is a bit more possibility of a failure and/or entanglement of a lace on your bikes frame. But to be fair LOTS of street boots aren’t designed with completely hidden laces or closures.

The ankles of the boots are equipped with protectors and the heel is quite rigid. The toe isn’t reinforced though, but there is a protective leather patch over the toe to make them more resistant to wear from the shifter.

I really like the looks and the feel of these boots and for everyday street riding, particularly for those that will wear the boots off the bike, I think these are really nice. :: Paul, 10-03-17