FirstGear Kili Lo WP Boots - 2013 ::

FirstGear Kili Lo WP Boots - 2013 (SOLD OUT)

  • Lace-up style fit with hook-and-loop ankle strap
  • Leather and composite upper
  • Hard ankle and toe box protection
  • Toe shift patch

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

FirstGear sells these boots in US sizes. In trying them on, we found the boots to run about one size small in the larger sizes and about a half size small in the smaller size range. We therefore recommend that you use our chart to make a selection (see below).

For each boot size, there is a European size printed in each boot also. The European sizes listed seem to be a good estimate of fit, so if you know your Euro size in most boots, then use our chart to select the “FirstGear Boot Size” based on your usual Euro size.

Why is this sorta messed up? Well, I asked FirstGear, but didn’t get a response. My personal guess is that FirstGear bought these boots from a manufacturer that was used to making boots in European sizes, but then FirstGear decided to sell them in US shoe sizes, and unfortunately they messed up the Euro to US conversion. In any case, just choose by the sizing advice we give and you should be fine.

Boot Size
Our Estimate of
How They Fit
European Size
Labeled in the Boots
8 7.5 41
9 8.5 42
10 9.5 43
11 10 44
12 11 45
13 12 46

The width of these boots tends toward roomy. Some brands like Sidi and Tour Master are more narrow, perhaps a C or D width, and I’d estimate the width of these FirstGear boots as slightly more wide, say D or E. Other brands that run wider like these FirstGear boots are TCX and Alpinestars.

Our Two Cents

The new Kili Lo WP Boot is a very nice new style that will appeal to all sorts of riders. These boots are styled somewhere between a sneaker and a hiking boot. The height of the boot covers the ankle bones (a minimum design feature in my opinion for a protective style), and to provide some impact protection there are integral plastic impact pieces fitted on either side of the ankle. You can see where those are secured by stitching in the close up pictures (the circle on either side). The heel area and toe box is reinforced. There is a layer of rubber-like material over the toe to firm up the boot where you shift (and to protect the boot from wear). The sole is a typical firm rubber design. A lace boot like this gives a lot of adjustability for fit and the laces are kept in check with the loop eyelets and the little Velcro-close strap over the upper end. Very nice. The boots have a waterproof liner that comes all the way up the tongue area. The back of the boot is cut low so consider that to be the highest point up to which you are waterproof. Overall, this is a very nicely styled, good quality boot. The value is there too. :: Paul, 01-26-13

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Bartosz Z.
Location: New York

Had these boots for over 9000 miles and used them for casual wear during the last 6 months. They have finally began to come apart at the seams! Would def recommend, as I will be ordering another pair soon. (Read more...)