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Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls 2.0 Moto Shoes

  • Perforated leather and textile upper
  • Engineered external PU protectors
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Toe and ankle reinforcements
  • “Under Cover™” lacing system
  • Molded ankle protectors

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Sizing Information

We tried on a sampling of these shoes and thought the fit was true to the stated size. If anything, they’d be a bit on the shorter side, so if you were between sizes, I’d advise you to choose larger. The width is “normal” or “D”. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see the height measurements.

Our Two Cents

The Run With the Bulls Moto shoes are a product that sort of blurs the lines between a regular street shoe and a protective motorcycling product. We sell a number of shoes and short boots that are sort of like this one (the TCX X-Street Boot comes to mind). I’d characterize this shoe as a product that shows you are an enthusiast and it’s something you might wear to the track or another motorcycling event, but it is not really robust enough for me to tell you it is a protective shoe that you could count on for protection on a bike in case of a fall. The shoes do have recessed eyelets and a Velcro-close strap you can use to keep your laces from entanglements with your bike. And there is a ribbed panel on the toe area that emulates a shift protector (like I said, a lot of motorcycle-specific style), but they lack the overall structure and stiffness, armor, a steel shank, etc, that you’d want for actual riding. They are sharp and seem to be well made and would give good service and be comfortable. I personally like the red or white color choices too. Buy it for what it is and not for what it isn’t. :: Paul, 09-15-12

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