Fly Racing Cooling Vest ::

Fly Racing Cooling Vest

  • Evaporative cooling system helps keep you cool even through the hottest summer ride
  • Only requires two minutes of soaking in water to activate
  • Polymer embedded fabric holds the water and keeps you cool as the water evaporates
  • Outperforms the competition by having and increased evaporative surface area, keeping you cooler
  • Remains hydrated for several hours

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing such as a tee shirt. This vest is an easy fit for most people. Below is the manufacturer’s size chart which looks about right to us:

Vest Size Chest Range
Small 34-36
Medium 37-39
Large 40-42
XL 43-45
XXL 46-48
XXXL 49-51

Our Two Cents

Dunk this vest in water and wear it under a mesh jacket (or with no jacket heaven forbid) to give a great cooling effect. These vests in one form or another have been around for a number of years. I’ve used one and they work great, particularly in really hot, low humidity weather like you’d find in the Southwest states like Arizona, California, Nevada, etc. This vest is designed with Hyperkewl material to absorb water and slowly allow evaporation to give the cooling effect, and do it without being “soggy” or drippy.

I’ve compared this Fly version to the Hyperkewl brand vest we also sell (and have been selling for many years)l. I can tell they come from the same source and are only slightly different. The Hyperkewl vest has a stand up collar and this one doesn’t. It might be comfy to have some cooling around the neck, but it might also add a layer of thickness under the collar of your jacket that might not like (depends on the jacket I guess), in which case this “no collar” one from Fly would be the choice. :: Paul, 08-17-17