Noru Full Heat Long John Pant ::

Noru Full Heat Long John Pant ~ Sale


  • NORU FULL HEAT tri-layer fabric on key areas. Outer thighs and Wrap around knee panels
  • Multi-way stretch fabric with fleece lining throughout remainder of garment
  • Stretch elastic woven waist band

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of these long johns and found the waist size to be very flexible. The stretch material of the pant means there is a wide variety of sizes they will fit and I’ve tried to reflect that in the size chart below. Most people will find a good fit by buying the size they normally wear in men’s clothing. We recommend you measure your waist or the waistband of your favorite jeans to see what size pants you need.

Inseam is a little tricky here, the long johns measure out to about 30” inseam but they are stretchy and have a heel loop so they should work for just about everyone. They are designed to go to about the ankle so they should work for normal pant inseams up to a 36” with the stretch.

Here is a chart I put together to show you how each long john size measures out so you can select the size based upon what you come up with when you measure yourself.

Long John Size Min Waist Size Max Waist Size
Small 28 33
Medium 30 35
Large 32 37
XL 34 39
XXL 36 41
XXXL 38 43

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

About NORU: The NORU line of riding gear is new for us for 2021. It comes to us through one of our very long-time distributors of riding gear and apparel, Helmet House of California. Helmet House is the owner of the Cortech and Tour Master brands and is a distributor of other well known brands such as Shoei helmets and Alpinestars apparel. NORU is designed with value in mind… in fact, exceptional value and will serve those well who want decent riding gear on a minimal budget. NORU says: Inspired by Japan’s culture of careful refinement, NORU is the Japanese word that means “To Ride”. Founded by lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts, NORU is the performance champion of motorcycle apparel that you can afford.