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Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Neck Sock

It’s like the difference between liquid cooling and air cooling for your body. While other cooling fabrics rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments that degrade and become ineffectual over time, the fabric of the Klim Aggressor Cool Neck Sock will never let you down. The Coolcore patented fabric is highly effective even when dry, but can also be dunked a stream or wet down from your hydration pack to increase cooling. The Klim Aggressor Neck Sock can be worn in several different configurations to suit your needs, and can double as a dust filter when worn over the mouth and nose for particularly sandy or desert conditions.


  • Multiple configurations: fold and double up for more warmth, pull up over neck, mouth and nose for wind/dirt resistance
  • Easily packable into smaller pant or jacket pocket
  • Coolcore patented chemical-free cooling, moisture-wicking, moisture transportation and cool evaporation fabric
  • Keep cool, good dust cover/filter
  • Can also be used as small cool wet towel on trail rides, just dip into a creek

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