Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Jacket ::

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Jacket

  • The 75 gram polypropylene material is 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable, and offers the double fabric strength of classic Frogg Toggs®
  • Wide elastic sleeve opening with hook-and-loop closure for easy access and secure fit
  • Full-cut pockets with snap closure
  • Non-corrosive molded polymer zipper with storm flap and gutter to assure watertight closure
  • Adjustable waistband

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Sizing Information

This rain gear is pre-sized to be worn over motorcycle riding gear so you don’t need to select a size larger than normal. As you can see, the chest/waist measurements listed in the chart for any given size are quite a bit larger than normal and that is because they are estimating the measurements you’d see if you measured yourself OVER riding gear. Click here for the size charts from the manufacturer:

Here are additional sizing tips provided by Frogg Toggs for men:

  • Mens Frogg Toggs pants run large. 99.5% of all of our exchanges and returns are due to the MEN’s pants being too large.
  • On the sizing chart pay close attention to the height and weight.
  • If you are a MAN and are straddling the fence between two sizes then always go with the smaller of the two sizes.
  • Do not upsize to fit over your under clothing as this will likely cause your pants to be too large

Our Advice: After trying on a few sizes, we concur with the advice offered by Frogg Toggs… buy the size jacket you’d normally wear in clothing if you plan to use the rain gear over protective riding gear. If you are buying this rain gear to just wear over street clothes, then buying one size down in the jacket would be appropriate (buy the same size for pants since motorcycle specific pants don’t add much more bulk than ordinary street clothes).

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Our Two Cents

The Bull Frogg jacket and pants by Frogg Toggs are cost effective and will work great for those who need rain gear for the occasional downpour. The price point is great and this model has just a couple nice convenience features the most basic suit doesn’t have (at the time of this writing the Pro Action suit was the most basic). The jacket and pants of this model are sold separately, but here is the rundown on both: The jacket and pants are made of the same basic material. They call it DriPore, but to give you the idea, it feels very much like a rip stop shipping envelope (Tyvek material). It feels tough, but they are flexible and should breathe a bit better than plastic. The pants pull on quickly like sweat pants, and they have an elastic waist with a drawstring to keep them secure. The ends of the legs have a short zipper to help with pulling them on over boots and there is a simple Velcro close strap so you can adjust how close they fit at the ankles. The pants also have a couple front pockets for storage (but the interior of the pocket is not protected from rain). The jacket is about the same combination of “the basics” along with a few convenience features. The jacket has a hood built into the jacket to keep water from running down the neck opening. The ends of the sleeves adjust with Velcro much like the pants. And there are a pair of zip-close front pockets for storage (not water proof inside though, but better protected than the pockets on the pants. There is a storm flap over the front zipper to shield it from water spray.

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From: Nicholas
Location: Illinois

I would first like to make it clear that did their part as a vendor to provide me with the best service they could. That being said, FroggToggs did not. After ordering a FroggToggs bullfrog jacket from motorcyclegear, I found th... (Read more...)