AGV Sport Blaster DuPont® Kevlar® Waxed Cotton Pants ::

AGV Sport Blaster Kevlar® Waxed Cotton Pants (36x30 Only)

  • Constructed of water resistant waxed cotton canvas for a fashionable yet functional design that suits any climate
  • Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection
  • 100% Polyester anti-bacterial fixed mesh lining with pockets for optional knee pads
  • Real DuPont® Kevlar® fiber reinforcement in all high abrasion and impact areas
  • High quality brushed steel waist button, coin pocket flap button and rivets
  • Antique metal front zipper
  • Standard front pockets are utilized as are two front cargo pockets with flaps with Velcro closures
  • Rear pockets feature a flap and Velcro closure as well
  • All stress areas are double stitched
  • Perfect to wear over your boots
  • Machine wash

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Sizing Information

I measured a random selection of these jeans and found them to be accurate to the size stated. Lots of jeans these days are “vanity sized”, meaning they are bigger than what they say they are, but these jeans are not vanity sized.

If you buy vanity sized jeans, you might be tricked into thinking your waist size is actually smaller than it is. You can check your waist with a tape, or alternately measure the waist of your favorite jeans to figure out your true waist size. Do this by laying the jeans flat on a table with the waist buttoned, measure from waist band to waist band (give them a slight tug to stretch them taut), and then double whatever you get. For example, you measure 18” across the waist… those pants are true to size for a 36” pant.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These new Blaster Waxed Cotton jeans are functionally much like other jeans in the AGV Sport lineup, but the material used to make the jeans is a little bit different. They call them “waxed cotton”. They have a bit of a sheen to them like true waxed cotton, but they don’t feel “waxy” at all. Just to give you some background, waxed cotton gear goes back MANY years to times before modern materials. Waxed cotton was actually waxed to improve its ability to shed water. Here’s more if you are interested. The material used here feels like a blend of cotton and nylon, but the tagging says 100% cotton. The feel is more like a “Dickies” work clothing material which is a bit more sturdy and less soft and not as prone to wrinkling as plain denim. Anyway, have a look at our pictures to get a better idea of the “feel”.

The jeans have pockets in the knees and in the hips to accept armor. I’d recommend the D3O level 1 pieces in these jeans. The pocket in the knee area is adjustable for height so you can get the armor in a good position for you. These jeans are made with panels of DuPont® Kevlar® in crash-prone areas to improve their abrasion resistance. You can see the yellow fabric behind the mesh liner in the picture of the pants turned inside out. These pants are a bit better than most for storage. They have a total of six pockets… ordinary front and rear patch pockets like regular jeans plus they have two cargo style pockets on the thighs.

So if you are looking for some riding jeans with a bit different look, then these might be just the thing for you. :: Paul, 07-19-17

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