Alpinestars Bio Armor Kit ::

Alpinestars Bio Armor Kit

  • Complete replacement kit for leather or textile jackets includes two shoulder and two elbow protectors
  • Use to replace existing armor or add it to your jacket for improved performance against impacts or abrasion
  • Available for men’s and women’s leather or textile jackets

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

Jacket Size Bioarmor Kit Size
Men’s European Size Jacket 46 Small
Men’s European Size Jackets 48 – 64 Large
Men’s U.S. Size Jackets XS Small
Men’s U.S. Size Jackets Medium – XXXXL Large
All Women’s Jackets Small

For those who might want to retrofit non-Alpinestars gear with these armor pieces, here are approximate physical sizes:

Small Shoulder 6” x 4”
Small Elbow 8” x 3 7/8”
Large Shoulder 7 1/2: x 5”
Large Elbow 9 1/2” x 4”

These are overall lengths measured on the underside, not measuring around/over the curved side, so armor pocket sizes would have to be somewhat bigger than these measurements for a fit.

Our Two Cents

The Bioarmor Kit from Alpinestars can be used to replace armor in old jackets, or to add armor to jackets that did not come with any (you’ll need to have pockets for the armor to stay in place). This armor is CE approved and provides a good level of protection without being too bulky and stiff.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: robin a.
Location: Alabama

the alpinestars elbow & shoulder armor fit my jacket perfect!it's a little tough to see the armor:) thanks again for the help. robin andrew