Cortech Latigo Back Protector ::

Cortech Latigo Back Protector

  • CE-Approved Level 2 back protector certified to the standard revision (EN1621-3:2014)
  • A combination of segmented, plastic plates backed by dense memory foam allows the back protector to bend into the riding position and keep the rider safe from high energy impacts
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder straps allow the rider to customize the fit to best integrate with a one-piece suit or jacket and pant
  • Padded waist straps offer kidney protection and an adjustable fit around the waist
  • Adjustable chest strap offers an additional option to fine tune the fit
  • Mesh inner and outer construction helps maximize ventilation

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Sizing Information

The size Large/XL back protector measures 24” tall x 11” wide, and the overall thickness is 2 1/4”. The waist belt (and shoulder/chest straps) are all highly adjustable. On the larger size sample I had to measure, the max belly would be about 44”.

The Small/Medium unit is shorter by one of the plastic segments (which you can see in our photo gallery), so the length is shorter by 3 1/4”, and the overall thickness and width is the same as the larger one.

Just for fun, we measured me with and without the back protector on my body. My overall chest measurement increased by about 1” wearing the back protector, which roughly translates into 1/2 a standard size. Hopefully you have room in your jacket or suit to accommodate the size. Most of the “worn on the body” back protectors will add size to your body, so this one is no different. It may be a touch thicker than the others, but mostly I think it just looks thicker because of the white color.

Our Two Cents

Nearly anybody would be able to wear this “stand alone” back protector under a suit or jacket. Take the view larger images link above to see how it looks on my body. I’m wearing the longer one which is 24” tall, so this size would be the one for a suit. I’d opt for the shorter one if I were wearing it under a jacket.

The back protector is made of a core of high density foam clad in the plastic pieces. The side against your back has air channels and is covered in a combination of a neoprene-type and mesh material. It feels like it would be comfortable against your back. For racing, this back protector would be great. For just general touring, I think I’d recommend something that was a bit thinner and more flexible. But overall a nice looking unit, especially considering the price. :: Paul, 08-28-15