Alpinestars Track Vest 2 ::

Alpinestars Track Vest 2

  • Technical stretch net construction for comfort and durability
  • Polyethylene (PE) foam padding throughout vest for comfort
  • Chest compartment with removable PE foam inserts (Nucleon chest protector available separately as an upgrade)
  • Adjustable, removable kidney belt
  • TPR logo on front chest

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Sizing Information

These vests are made of a stretchy material and so there is a lot of “forgiveness” in the fit. The back protector is the main consideration in choosing a size. Since the back protectors used in this vest are the KR-1 back protector, we suggest you use the same chart in choosing the size:

Product Size Height Range
XS 4’8 3/4” – 5’4 1/2”
S 5’4 1/2” – 5’8”
M 5’8” – 5’11 3/4”
L 5’11 3/4” – 6’2 1/8”
XL 6’2 1/8” – 6’4 1/2”

Caution on overall belly size: I checked out the size XL for the purposes of this review and I found the max belly this unit would accommodate is about 42” which is about right for an “average” size belly on an XL person. So the vest is cut for a slim to average build. Those that have a big belly probably won’t be able to wear this vest.

Our Two Cents

This new Alpinestars Track Vest 2 offers a way to upgrade your armor game for one and two piece suits. The vest’s main feature is the KR-1 back protector. The vest of course holds the back protector securely in place on your torso, and even has the same waist belt to help snug the back protector against the small of your back and also give support like other kidney belts do.

The vest adds the option to upgrade the chest armor to Alpinestar KR-Ci chest protector inserts. The vest comes with some medium thickness chest pads already, but the upgrade pads are much more substantial. The vest also has other foam pads built in which adds a neat “anatomical” look and a bit more padding, but those other pads I think are largely cosmetic.

I see this unit as a great way to up the protection on an older technology suit, or even to add the chest protection to many newer suits that don’t have that feature. This vest could also be used with a jacket, but due to the length of the back protector, it may stick out below the tail of your jacket, especially if it is a waist-length sport cut jacket. Please see our photo gallery to get an idea of how it would look on your body. The vest is pictured on our “XL” test dummy who replicates a person of about 6’ in height who wears an XL jacket.

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