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Spidi T-2Neck DPS Airbag Leather Perforated Pro Suit

The T2 WIND PRO comes in Airbag Neck DPS version for riders who require top of the range racing and sport performance. The suit – In full grain cowhide, 1.2/1.3mm thick – Armpits, shoulder blades, crotch areas all covered by Tenax Flex stretch material – ‘Cylinder’ shaped stretch leather inserts over lumbar area, back and knees – CE Biomech over shoulders and forearms/elbows – Removable CE Chest Protector included – Back-protector-ready inner pocket. CE protectors over hips area and adjustable CE Multitech protectors over knees, Bi-phase sliders included -Polyester mesh with Lycra inserts liner in order to expel sweat and ease movements. Tridimensional liner panel over back protector area to increase air circulation and Neoprene insertsfor increased comfort. The Neck DPS Airbag system SPIDI evolves the DPS system by making it more usable, light and efficient. A double cushion will wrap around the users neck area thus increasing the level of safety for such a sensible area in case of crash. The system will work along the helmet to reduce potentially damaging neck movements all while also increasing the tendency to roll on the ground and thus limiting potentially dangerous leverage situations against the terrains surface. In this NECK DPS version, the T2 Wind Pro is equipped with this safety oriented system, making it a real top of the range leather for all the most racing minded riders. Activation speed – Inflation in 0.2 seconds. Weight reduction – now the whole system weighs only 480gr After Inflation – The system is removable and rechargeable after use Activation – The trigger comes with new generation YKK buckles mounted onpara-aramid fiberwires able to resist a 200kg pull The suit is made in Italy – delivery occurs 4 weeks after order due to the particular manufacturing process, requiring a one to one quality check.

  • Removable 2┬░layer mesh lining
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Lower pant leg of comfortable material
  • Collar with Neoprene inserts
  • Activation and inflation time of 200 ms
  • Volume 10,5 lt.
  • Knee protector adjustable positioning
  • Average weight 5,0 Kg
  • Vented leather
  • High tenacity elastic flex tenax Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance
  • Neopren: elastic, comfortable and waterproof fabric
  • Cowhide, 1.2/1.3 mm thick, high safety performance
  • Premium leather tanned in Italy

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